What does Ctrl+I do?

The Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut has different functions across various programs and platforms. At its core, it is used to italicize text, but it can also be used for other formatting options or to open certain menus.

In this blog post, we’ll break down what exactly Ctrl + I does across some of the most commonly used applications.

How to use the Ctrl+I keyboard shortcut?

To use the Ctrl+I shortcut, simply hold down the Control (Ctrl) key on your keyboard and press the letter I key. Do this when you have text highlighted that you want to italicize or when you want to open a certain menu or window (depending on the program).

Ctrl+I in Internet browsers

In Chrome, Firefox, and other major internet browsers, Ctrl+I opens up the developer tools. This allows web developers to inspect page elements and debug issues.

Ctrl+I in Microsoft Excel

In Excel, Ctrl+I toggles italic formatting on the selected cell(s). This italicizes the text to show emphasis.

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+I in Krita

In the digital painting program Krita, Ctrl+I opens the Fill Tool Options docker, which allows you to configure settings and parameters for the Fill Tool.

Krita Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+I in Microsoft Word

In Word, Ctrl+I toggles italic text formatting, similar to how it functions in Excel.

MS Word shortcut keys

Ctrl+I in Microsoft PowerPoint

Presenters, this one’s for you. Ctrl+I in Microsoft PowerPoint is your secret weapon for toggling italics on and off during a presentation. Want to emphasize a point? Highlight the text and hit Ctrl+I. It’s the subtle touch that keeps your audience hooked.

PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+I in Google Docs

Like Microsoft Word, Ctrl+I italicizes selected text in Google’s online document editor.

Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+I in Adobe Photoshop

Graphic designers pay attention! In Adobe Photoshop, Ctrl+I isn’t about text – it’s about inverting colors. It’s the shortcut for turning dark to light and vice versa. A quick Ctrl + I can give your design a whole new vibe, showcasing your creativity in the blink of an eye.

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

Ctrl+I in Windows Media Player

If you press Ctrl+I while watching a video in Windows Media Player, it takes a picture of what’s happening on the screen. It’s like a quick snapshot of the movie or show you’re enjoying.

Windows Media Player Shortcuts

Popular programs using the Ctrl+I shortcut

What does this Shortcut do in different programs?

FL Studio – Toggle wait for input to start recording
Audacity – Clip Boundaries Split
Opera – Edit item properties
Skype – Open the Notification panel
Mozilla Thunderbird – Text style italic
Ubuntu – Make the selected text italic
Maxthon – Toggle the Favourites sidebar
PDF-XChange Editor – Italic
OneNote – Apply italic formatting to the selected text
WordPad – Italicize the selected text
LibreOffice Writer – Italic
WPS Writer – Italic
Blender – Select Inverse
AutoCAD – Toggle Coords
Adobe After Effects – Import one file
Adobe Premiere Pro – Import
CorelDraw – Import a file into the active document
Autodesk 3ds Max – Select Invert
Adobe Illustrator – Check Spelling
Paint 3D – Italic
Zbrush – Invert Mask
Adobe XD – Italic
Nuke – Import files
Autodesk Maya – Select the next intermediate object
⇒ Invision Studio – Italic
Visual Studio Code – Select the current line
Spyder – Inspect current object
NetBeans – Jump to the quick search field
Android Studio – Implement method
IDA Pro – Next Immediate value
Qt Creator – Auto-indent selection
HeidiSQL – Invert selection
JupyterLab – Open
RStudio – Reindent lines
Sublime text – Show panel
Komodo Edit – Interactive find
jEdit – Indent current line
Facebook – Go to inbox
Gmail – Italic
Xyplorer – Invert
FileZilla – Directory listing filters
Adobe Bridge – File Info
PotPlayer – Cycle deinterlacing mode
VLC Media Player – Media Information
GOM Player – Open Easy browser
KMPlayer – Open URL extracted from IE
MPC-HC – Show time
Age of Empires – Quick load
Discord – Toggle inbox popout
eM Client – Italic
1Password – Create a new item
Davinci Resolve – Import Media
Figma – Italic
Epic – Toggle italic formatting
Notion – Italic
Quip – Italic
WPS Spreadsheets – Italic

What to do when Ctrl + I doesn’t work?

If pressing Ctrl + I doesn’t have any effect in a program, first check to make sure you don’t have a text box selected that doesn’t allow formatting. You’ll also want to confirm that the shortcut isn’t already assigned to another function in that program’s settings or preferences. If it still doesn’t work, searching the program’s help documentation is your next best step to find potential solutions or see what Ctrl + I should be doing.

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