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25 KMPlayer Keyboard Shortcuts

KMPlayer is a popular and versatile media player capable of handling numerous types of container formats such as 3GP, VCD, AVI, QuickTime, etc. Just as it supports various formats, KMPlayer shortcuts also provide much-needed support. KMPlayer ensures stunningly clear video and audio playback.

Download KMPlayer Shortcuts PDF

KMPlayer Shortcuts facilitate faster and more effective usage of the player. To fully appreciate their importance, practicing these shortcuts and becoming accustomed to them is necessary. Below is a comprehensive list of KMPlayer Shortcuts for you to try out. Additionally, a downloadable PDF format of KMPlayer Shortcuts is available.

Most used KMPlayer Shortcuts

Action KMPlayer Shortcut keys
Open File(s) Ctrl + O
Open URL Ctrl + U
Open Folder Ctrl + F
Open File(s) for TV-Out Ctrl + J
Open URL Extracted from IE Ctrl + I
Open Recent File Ctrl + R
Reopen after changing settings Ctrl + P
Previous Page Up key
Play Spacebar
Stop Ctrl + Z
Next Page Down key
Control Box Alt + G
Playlist Alt + E
Mute M
Fullscreen 5
Exit Alt + F4
Open WDM (TV) Device Ctrl + M
Open WDM (TV) as Default Device Ctrl + W
Open DVD Standard Device Ctrl + D
Open DVD File Ctrl + V
Open Video CD Ctrl + K
Playback info (on OSC) Tab
Playback Message Shift + Tab
Advanced Playback Info Ctrl + Tab
Advanced Filter Info Ctrl + ‘

The VLC Media Player serves as an alternative to KMPlayer. Additionally, there are other substitutes for KMPlayer, including PotPlayer, MPV, AIMP, SMPlayer, etc. You can explore the shortcuts for each of these listed on our website: VLC Media Player Shortcuts, PotPlayer Shortcuts, and SMPlayer Shortcuts.



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