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50 WordPad Shortcut keys

WordPad shortcut keys are simply a combination of a few keyboard keys to help you perform certain tasks easily. There is no need to switch between the keyboard and mouse repeatedly. Windows users need not worry about installation as it is already built-in on their devices.

Download WordPad Shortcut keys PDF

WordPad is a software that is used regularly by everyone. Hence, you must be interested in learning WordPad shortcuts. Below is the full list of WordPad shortcut keys. Download the WordPad shortcuts in PDF format.

Most used WordPad Shortcut keys

Action WordPad Shortcut keys
Create a New document Ctrl + N
Open an Existing document Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Save As F12
Print Ctrl + P
Close Alt + F4
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Select the entire document Ctrl + A
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Make selected text bold Ctrl + B
Italicize selected text Ctrl + I
Underline selected text Ctrl + U
Make selected text subscript Ctrl + +
Make selected text superscript Ctrl + Shift + +
Align text left Ctrl + L
Align text center Ctrl + E
Align text right Ctrl + R
Justify text Ctrl + J
Set single-line spacing Ctrl + 1
Set double-line spacing Ctrl + 2
Set line spacing to 1.5 Ctrl + 5
Increase the font size Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease the font size Ctrl + Shift + <
Change characters to all capitals Ctrl + Shift + A
Change the bullet style Ctrl + Shift + L
Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing Ctrl + D
Find the text Ctrl + F
Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialogue box F3
Replace the text Ctrl + H
Move the cursor one word to the left Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move the cursor one word to the right Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Move the cursor to the line above Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Move the cursor to the line below Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Move to the beginning of the document Ctrl + Home
Move to the end of the document Ctrl + End
Move up one page Ctrl + Page Up
Move down one page Ctrl + Page Down
Delete the next word Ctrl + Delete
Show the current shortcut menu Shift + F10
Open WordPad Help F1
Display key tips F10

To save a WordPad document, you use the WordPad shortcut Ctrl + S, as seen above, rather than navigating through different menus with the help of a mouse. WordPad is a simple text editor that is more powerful when compared to Notepad. Look for Notepad++ shortcuts.


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