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80 PotPlayer Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead of navigating through the interface with the help of a mouse, you can use PotPlayer shortcuts. This way, you can get much more out of it. PotPlayer includes useful features that even some paid software lacks.

Download PotPlayer Shortcuts PDF

From the list of PotPlayer shortcuts below, my favorite one is the Time Jump Shortcut. It allows easy jumping or seeking during the playback of a media file. Download the PotPlayer shortcuts for Windows users in PDF format.

Function keys Shortcuts

Action PotPlayer Shortcuts
About Potplayer F1
Browse Folder F2
Open F3
Close F4
Preference F5
Playlist On or Off F6
Equalizer Settings F7
File Navigator F12

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Standard Control Shortcuts

Action PotPlayer Shortcut keys
Play the Previous File Page Up key
Play Next File Page Down key
Volume Up Up Arrow key
Volume Down Down Arrow key
5 Seconds Backward Left Arrow key
5 Seconds Forward Right Arrow key
Move to the Starting Point Backspace
AB Repeat Timing [
AB Repeat On or Off \
Audio Sync 0.05 Second Slower Shift + <
Audio Sync 0.05 Second Faster Shift + >
Fullscreen Enter
Skip Playback on or off Shift + ‘
Audio Recording Shift + G
Noise On or Off Shift + D
Scene Explorer Shift + S
Audio Filter On or Off Shift + A
Voice Processing Filter On or Off Shift + X
Crystallization On or Off Shift + C
Voice Filter On or Off Shift + V
Normalized On or Off Shift + N
Mirror Image On or Off Ctrl + Z
Skip Setup
Subtitle Sync 0.5 Second Slower <
Subtitle Sync 0.5 Second Faster >
Subtitle Sync Default /
Play or Pause Spacebar
Image Properties Reset Q
Speed Faster C
Speed Slower X
Brightness Decreased 1% W
Brightness Increased by 1% E
Contrast Decrease 1% R
Contrast Increase 1% T
Saturation Decreased 1% Y
Saturation Increase 1% U
Colour Decreased 1% I
Colour Increase 1% O
Add Bookmark P
Audio Stream Option A
PixelShader Option S
Move the Previous Frame D
Move Next Frame F
Move into Position G
View Bookmark H
Video Aspect Ratio Option J
Snapshot or capture Option K
Select Subtitle L
Resize Pixel Shader On or Off Shift + P
Filter Control Condition Ctrl + X
Copy Snapshot Ctrl + C
Flip Input Picture On or Off Ctrl + V
Blur On or Off Ctrl + B
Denoise 3D On or Off Ctrl + N
Temporary Denoise On or Off Ctrl + M
Image Level Control On or Off Ctrl + I
Turn on the Camera Device Ctrl + J
Remove Color Blocks On or Off Ctrl + H
Play DVD Ctrl + D
Continuos Image Capture Ctrl + G
Filter Settings Ctrl + F

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Numeric Shortcuts

Action PotPlayer Shortcut keys
Screen Size: 0,5 1
Screen Size: 1 2
Screen Size: 1.5xx 3
Screen Size: 2x 4
Screen Size: Maximum 5
Screen Size: Maximum Size or Current Size 6
Screen Size: Maximum Size 7
Audio 8
Original Video Size 9
Screen Size Editing 0

With all the above PotPlayer Shortcuts, performing various tasks becomes much easier. One interesting feature of PotPlayer is that it can play any kind of video file.



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