70 ZBrush Keyboard Shortcuts

The ZBrush Shortcuts for Windows users will not only save you time but will also save you from the headache of browsing through multiple menus. You can check how much time you save by using the ZBrush shortcuts. Imagine using the same command over and over through the mouse, and then using the same command over and over with the help of shortcuts. I am sure you and I both have our answers.

Download ZBrush Shortcut keys PDF

By using the below list of ZBrush Shortcuts, you will learn the software’s potential. Create three-dimensional objects with a realistic appearance that might seem to jump out of the screen. Download the ZBrush Shortcuts for Windows users in PDF form.

Most used ZBrush Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Open Project Ctrl + O
Save Project Ctrl + S
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z

Sculpting and Painting Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Draw Size S
Focal Shift O
RGB Intensity I
Z Intensity U
Increase Draw Size by Set Units ]
Decrease Draw Size by Set Units [
Edit Mode On or Off T
Draw Q
Move W
Scale E
Rotate R

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Popup Selection Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Tools F1
Brushes F2
Strokes F3
Alphas F4
Textures F5
Materials F6
Show Quick Menu Spacebar
Show or Hide Floating Palettes Tab
Projection Master G

Sculpting Brushes Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Snapchat Curve 5
Smooth Curve 6
Lazy Mouse L
Replay Last Stroke 1
Replay All Recorded Strokes 2
Record Stroke 3
Switch Color V
Select Color Under Cursor C

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3D Models Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcuts
Show or hide Stencil Ctrl + H
Stencil On Alt + H
Coin Controller Spacebar
Grow Mesh Portion Ctrl + Shift + X
Shrink Mesh Portion Ctrl + Shift + S
Grow All Mesh Portion Ctrl + Shift + A
Outer Ring Visibility Ctrl + Shift + O
Group Masked and Clear Mask Ctrl + W
View Mask Ctrl + H
Invert Mask Ctrl + I
Mask All Ctrl + A
Reverse Mask Ctrl + Click the Background
Divide Ctrl + D
Lower Res Shift + D
Higher Res D
Edge Loop Ctrl + E

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Canvas Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Zoom in +
Zoom out
Actual Size 0
Antialiased Half Size Ctrl + 0
Remove Marker Ctrl + M
Clear Layer Ctrl + N
Bake Layer Ctrl + B
Fill Layer Ctrl + F

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Render Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Cursor Selective Render Ctrl + R
Best Preview Render Shift + R
Render All Ctrl + Shift + R

Timeline Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Go to Previous Camera KeyFrame Left Arrow key
Go to Next Camera Keyframe Right Arrow key
Stop Timeline Playing Esc
Snapshot to Movie Ctrl + Shift + !

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Zscripts Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Show or hide Zscript Window H
Load Zscript Ctrl + Shift + L
Reload Zscript Ctrl + U

Load UI Shortcuts

Action ZBrush Shortcut keys
Load UI Config File Ctrl + L
Store Config File Ctrl + Shift + I
Save UI Config File Ctrl + Shift + Alt + I

ZBrush dominates the sculpting field in the same way Photoshop dominates the image editing field. Cinema 4D is an alternative to ZBrush. The gaming and film industry often uses Cinema 4D software. Have a look at the list of Cinema 4D shortcuts.


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