40 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & MacOS

The list of Gmail Shortcuts is quite wealthy and lets you work faster and use the mouse less often. Gmail shortcuts will help you a lot while doing tasks like sorting through emails. Only the person who spends a large portion of his/her time sending and receiving the email will understand the importance of Gmail Shortcut.

Download Gmail Shortcut keys PDF

Given below is a complete list of handy Gmail Shortcuts. Download the Gmail Shortcut keys PDF form. Now, no more spending your day on email! I don’t really think that a complete list of Gmail shortcuts will be remembered by all. But a list would surely benefit you and save you hours of time over a period of a year.

Compose Messages Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcuts Windows Gmail Shortcuts Mac
Compose a new message C C
Send Message Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
Move the cursor to the next chat Ctrl + . Command + .
Move the cursor to the previous chat Ctrl + , Command + ,
Add CC recipient Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Shift + C
Add Bcc recipient Ctrl + Shift + B Command + Shift + B
Change From address Ctrl + Shift + F Command + Shift + F

Format Text Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcut keys PDF Gmail Shortcut keys PDF
Increase the font size Ctrl + Shift + + Command + Shift + +
Decrease the font size Ctrl + Shift + – Command + Shift + –
Change font to the previous font as listed in the menu Ctrl + Shift + 5 Command + Shift + 5
Change font to the next font as listed in the menu Ctrl + Shift + 6 Command + Shift + 6
Bold formatting Ctrl + B Command + B
Italic formatting Ctrl + I Command + I
Underline formatting Ctrl + U Command + U
Create Numbered List Ctrl + Shift + 7 Command + Shift + 7
Create Bulleted List Ctrl + Shift + 8 Command + Shift + 8
Left align Ctrl + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Center align Ctrl + Shift + E Command + Shift + E
Right align Ctrl + Shift + R Command + Shift + R
Increase indent Ctrl + ] Command + ]
Decrease indent Ctrl + [ Command + [
Format text block to Quote Ctrl + Shift + 9 Command + Shift + 9
Change text directionality to Right-to-Left Ctrl + Shift + . Command + Shift + .
Change text directionality to Left-to-Right Ctrl + Shift + , Command + Shift + ,
Insert hyperlink Ctrl + K Command + K

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Navigate Gmail Window Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcut keys Windows Gmail Shortcut keys Mac
Go to Inbox G then I G then I
Go to starred conversations G then S G then S
Go to sent mail G then T G then T
Go to Drafts G then D G then D
Go to all mail G then A G then A
Go to Contacts G then C G then C
Go to Label G then L G then L
Undo the previous action Z Z
Generally resets state Esc Esc

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Manage Message List Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcuts Windows Gmail Shortcuts Mac
Move to the next e-mail or conversation J J
Move to the previous e-mail or conversation K K
Select or unselect the current conversation X X
Open message O O
Delete selected message # #

With the above Gmail Shortcuts, navigating, writing, and stylizing your emails just became more realistic. Hence, always consider learning a software shortcut as an investment. Another emailing software that is used around the globe is Yahoo. Have a look at a list of Yahoo Shortcuts.


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