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40 Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

The list of Gmail Shortcuts is quite extensive and allows you to work faster while reducing mouse usage. Gmail shortcuts are especially beneficial for tasks like sorting through emails. Only those who spend a significant amount of time sending and receiving emails will truly appreciate the importance of Gmail Shortcuts.

Download Gmail Shortcut keys PDF

Below is a comprehensive list of handy Gmail Shortcuts. Download the Gmail Shortcut keys PDF. Now, there’s no need to spend your entire day on email! It’s unlikely that everyone will remember a complete list of Gmail shortcuts, but having access to such a list will undoubtedly save you hours over a year.

Compose Messages Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcuts Windows Gmail Shortcuts Mac
Compose a new message C C
Send Message Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
Move the cursor to the next chat Ctrl + . Command + .
Move the cursor to the previous chat Ctrl + , Command + ,
Add CC recipient Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Shift + C
Add Bcc recipient Ctrl + Shift + B Command + Shift + B
Change From address Ctrl + Shift + F Command + Shift + F

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Format Text Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcut keys Gmail Shortcut keys
Increase the font size Ctrl + Shift + + Command + Shift + +
Decrease the font size Ctrl + Shift + – Command + Shift + –
Change font to the previous font as listed in the menu Ctrl + Shift + 5 Command + Shift + 5
Change font to the next font as listed in the menu Ctrl + Shift + 6 Command + Shift + 6
Bold formatting Ctrl + B Command + B
Italic formatting Ctrl + I Command + I
Underline formatting Ctrl + U Command + U
Create Numbered List Ctrl + Shift + 7 Command + Shift + 7
Create Bulleted List Ctrl + Shift + 8 Command + Shift + 8
Left align Ctrl + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Center align Ctrl + Shift + E Command + Shift + E
Right align Ctrl + Shift + R Command + Shift + R
Increase indent Ctrl + ] Command + ]
Decrease indent Ctrl + [ Command + [
Format text block to Quote Ctrl + Shift + 9 Command + Shift + 9
Change text directionality to Right-to-Left Ctrl + Shift + . Command + Shift + .
Change text directionality to Left-to-Right Ctrl + Shift + , Command + Shift + ,
Insert hyperlink Ctrl + K Command + K

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Navigate Gmail Window Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcut keys Windows Gmail Shortcut keys Mac
Go to Inbox G then I G then I
Go to starred conversations G then S G then S
Go to sent mail G then T G then T
Go to Drafts G then D G then D
Go to all mail G then A G then A
Go to Contacts G then C G then C
Go to Label G then L G then L
Undo the previous action Z Z
Generally resets state Esc Esc

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Manage Message List Shortcuts

Action Gmail Shortcuts Windows Gmail Shortcuts Mac
Move to the next e-mail or conversation J J
Move to the previous e-mail or conversation K K
Select or unselect the current conversation X X
Open message O O
Delete selected message # #

With the above Gmail Shortcuts, navigating, writing, and stylizing your emails has become more realistic. Therefore, always consider learning software shortcuts as an investment. Another widely used emailing software is Yahoo. Take a look at a list of Yahoo Mail Shortcuts.


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