160 Blender Keyboard Shortcuts

Blender Shortcuts support the entire 2D and 3D pipeline: 3D modeling, rigging, animation, game design, simulation, rendering, and motion tracking. Keyboard shortcuts are permanently assigned to such a massive program to help you save time and produce quality output.

Download Blender Shortcut Keys PDF

Below is a universal list of Blender Shortcuts that can help boost your creativity and reduce your workload. Download the Blender Shortcuts for Windows users in PDF format.

Most used Blender 3.6 Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcuts
Open Toolbox Spacebar
Start or Quit Edit mode Tab
Append parts of other files Shift + F1
Export Scene as a DXF file Shift + F2
Load Blender File F1
Write Blender File F2
Writes A Picture F3
Display Logic Context F4
Display Shading Context F5
Display Shading Context and Texture Sub-Context F6
Display Object Context F7
Display Shading Context and World Sub-Context F8
Display Editing Context F9
Display Scene Context F10
Hide or Show Render Window F11
Start Rendering from Active Camera F12
Save A screen dump of Active Window Ctrl + F3
Save A screen dump of the Whole Blender Screen Ctrl + Shift + F3
Go to the Previous Frame Left Arrow key
Go to Next Frame Right Arrow key
Go forward 10 Frame Up Arrow key
Go Backward 10 Frame Down Arrow key
Go to First Frame Shift + Left Arrow key
Go to the Last Frame Shift + Right Arrow key
Change the Current Blender Window to Animation Playback Mode Alt + A
Current Window and 3D Window go to Animation Playback Mode Alt + Shift + A
Insert Key Menu I
Toggle the Render Buffers J
Open the Last Saved File Ctrl + O
Quit Blender Q
Timer Menu Alt + Ctrl + T
Save User Defaults Ctrl + U
Write File Ctrl + W
Write Videoscape File Alt + W
Erase All Ctrl + X
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Lasso select Ctrl + click
Cancel Blender Functions Esc

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Window Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcut keys
Data View Shift + F4
3D Window Shift + F5
IPO Window Shift + F6
Buttons Window Shift + F7
Sequence Window Shift + F8
Outliner Window Shift + F9
Image Window Shift + F10
Text Window Shift + F11
Action Window Shift + F12
Go to the Previous Screen Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Go to Next Screen Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Maximize Window Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Return to the Previous Window Size Ctrl + Down Arrow key

Editing Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcuts
Start or Stop Edit Mode Tab
Select or Unselect all A
Select Circle B
Number Panel N
Switch in or out of Proportional Editing O
Separate P
Undo U
Special Popup Menu W
Switches between Vertex Select, Edge Select Ctrl + Tab
Bring up the Options Menu for It Ctrl + H
Toggle between Smooth and Sharp Proportional Editing Shift + O
Make Vertex Parent Ctrl + P
Shear Ctrl + S
Warp Shift + W

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Object Mode Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcuts
All Objects are Displayed in the Center Home key
Select Next Object Key Page Up key
Select Previous Object Key Page Down key
Add to Selection the Next Object Key Shift + Page Up key
Add to Selection the Previous Object Key Shift + Page Down key
Select All A
Apply Size and Rotation Ctrl + A
Add Menu Shift + A
Select Border B
Render Border Shift + B
Centre View C
Convert Menu Alt + C
Copy Menu Ctrl + C
Centre Zero View Shift + C
Draw Mode Menu D
Add Duplicate Shift + D
Add Linked Duplicate Alt + D
Draw the Image as a Wire Ctrl + D
Toggle Face Select Mode On or Off F
Sort Faces Ctrl + F
Grab Mode G
Clears Translation Alt + G
Group Selection Shift + G
Insert Object key I
Join Object Ctrl + J
Show Keys K
Enable Transformation of the Entire Animation System Shift + K
Make Selected Object Local L
Link Selected Ctrl + L
Select Linked Shift + L
Mirror Menu Ctrl + M
Number Panel N
Clear Origin Alt + O
Toggle SubSurf On or Off Shift + O
Make Selected Object the Child of Active Object Ctrl + P
Rotate Mode R
Clear Rotation Alt + R
Size Mode S
Clear Size Alt + S
Snap menu Shift + S
Texture Space Mode T
Make Selected Object Track Active Object Ctrl + T
Clear Old Style Track Alt + T
Make Object Single User U
A PopUp with User Choices Ctrl + L
Switches in or out of Vertex Mode V
Object Image Aspect Alt + V
Open Object Booleans Menu W
Delete Selected Object X
Toggle Solid Mode On or Off Z
Toggle Shaded Mode On or Off Shift + Z
Toggle Textured Mode On or Off Alt + Z

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Mesh Editing Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcut keys
Edge Select Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Right Click
Toggle Curve Cyclic Mode On or Off C
Extrude selected E
Make Edge or Face F
Fill Selected Shift + F
Beauty Fill Alt + F
Flip Faces Ctrl + F
Knife Tool Menu K
Select Linked L
Mirror M
Undo U
Redo Shift + U
Special Menu W
Erase Selected X
Split Y

Curve Editing Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcut keys
Set Cyclic Curve On or Off C
Extrude Curve E
Add Segment F
Toggle Handle Align H
Select Linked L
Mirror M
Title Mode T
Vector Handle V
Erase Selected X

Font Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcut keys
Move Text Cursor 1 Position Forward Right Arrow key
Move the Text Cursor to the End of the Line Shift + Right Arrow key
Move Text Cursor 1 Position Backward Left Arrow key
Move the Text Cursor to the start of the line Shift + Left Arrow key
Move the text cursor 1 line forward Down Arrow key
Move the Text Cursor to the End of the Line Shift + Down Arrow key
Move the Cursor to 1 Line Back Up Arrow key
Reload Original Data Alt + U
Paste Text Alt + V

Others Shortcuts

Action Blender Shortcut keys PDF
Mirror M
Select Row Shift + R
All vertex colors are erased Shift + K
Shared Vertexcol W
LSCM Unwrapping E
Pin Selected Vertices P
UnPin selected Vertices Alt + P
Select Edge Loop Alt + Click
Select Face Loop Alt + Click
Switches to Edit Mode Tab
Select Linked Uvs L
Rotate UV Coordinates R
Calls UV Calculation U

The above Blender Shortcuts can enhance the skills of any professional graphic designer and artist. The shortcut that I use most of the time is Shift + R. This shortcut is used to repeat the last action performed. Another 3D modeling software that you should consider if you wish to switch is Autodesk Maya.



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