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30 Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone, including business people and investors, should learn Discord shortcuts as it is emerging as one of the leading chat platforms. Initially developed for gamers, Discord has since expanded its features and broadened its target audience.

Download Discord Shortcuts PDF

Using Discord is simple. Therefore, below is a list of Discord shortcuts that you must learn to maximize your experience with the Discord app. You can download the Discord Shortcut keys list in PDF format.

Most used Discord Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Discord Keyboard Shortcuts
Open overlay Ctrl + ‘
Navigate between servers Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key/Down Arrow key
Navigate between channels Alt + Up Arrow key/Down Arrow key
Navigate between unread channels Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key/Down Arrow key
Navigate between unread channels with mentions Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up Arrow key/Down Arrow key
Mark server read Shift + Esc
Create or join a server Ctrl + Shift + N
Return to the connected audio channel Alt + Left Arrow key
Return to the previous audio channel Alt + Right Arrow key
Find or start a direct message Ctrl + K
Create a private group Ctrl + Shift + T
Toggle pins popout Ctrl + P
Toggle mentions popout Ctrl + I
Toggle channel member list Ctrl + U
Toggle emoji picker Ctrl + E
Toggle mute Ctrl + Shift + M
Toggle deafen Ctrl + Shift + D
Answer incoming call Ctrl + Enter
Decline incoming call Esc
Start calling in private messages or group Ctrl + [
Scroll chat up Page Up
Scroll chat down Page Down
Jump to the oldest unread message Shift + Page Up
Focus text area Tab
Upload a file Ctrl + Shift + U
Get help Ctrl + Shift + H
Switch between servers Ctrl + 0…9
Refresh discord Ctrl + R
Open developer console Ctrl + Shift + I
Show keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + /

All of these Discord shortcuts are incredibly useful, making the Discord experience smoother and simpler. So, which Discord shortcut do you find the most useful? Feel free to comment below. If you have prior experience with Slack, then using Discord should be a breeze. They’re essentially the same. You may also want to check out Slack shortcuts.


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