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65 WinSCP Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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File Selection Shortcuts

Action WinSCP Shortcut keys
Select/deselect the file Insert
Select Group +
Deselect group
Invert selection *
Select all files Ctrl + A
Deselect all files Ctrl + Shift + L
Restore selection Ctrl + Shift + R

File Management Shortcuts

Action WinSCP Shortcut keys
Rename focused file F2
Edit focused file F4
Edit (create) a new file Shift + F4
Edit focused file in an internal editor Ctrl + Alt + F4
Download F5

Selected Files Shortcuts

Action WinSCP Shortcuts
Duplicate selected files Shift + F5
Download or Upload selected files and delete original F6
Move/rename selected files Shift + F6
Add/edit link Alt + F6
Create new folder F7
Delete selected files F8
Delete selected files Shift + Delete
Change properties of selected files F9
Paste files, the open path from the clipboard, and open the session URL from the clipboard Ctrl + V

Session Management Shortcuts

Action WinSCP Shortcut keys
Close active session Ctrl + Shift + D
Open a new session Ctrl + N
Cycle opened sessions Ctrl + Tab
Switch to other open sessions Alt + 1..3

Navigation Shortcuts

Action WinSCP Shortcuts
Re-read panel Ctrl + R
Open parent directory Backspace
Open root directory Ctrl + \
Open home directory Ctrl + H
Go back Alt + Left Arrow key
Go forward Alt + Right Arrow key
Open the path change menu for the left panel Alt + F1
Open the path change menu for the right panel Alt + F2
Bookmark current directory Ctrl + B
Display bookmark window Ctrl + O
Toggle tree panel Ctrl + Alt + T

Service Commands Shortcuts

Action WinSCP Shortcuts
Toggle synchronized browsing Ctrl + Alt + B
Compare files in panels Ctrl + C
Open the current session in PuTTY Ctrl + P
Open Preferences dialog Ctrl + Alt + P
Process queue Ctrl + Shift + Q
Toggle automatical refresh of the remote directory after the operation Ctrl + Alt + R
Synchronize directories Ctrl + S
Keep remote directory up to date Ctrl + U
Open terminal window Ctrl + T
Quit F10
Find file Alt + F7
Cancel reading of remote directory Esc

File Panels Shortcuts

Action WinSCP Shortcuts
Sort files in the active panel by name Ctrl + F3
Sort files in the active panel by extension Ctrl + F4
Sort files in the active panel by modification time Ctrl + F5
Sort files in the active panel by size Ctrl + F6
Sort files in the active panel by attributes/permissions Ctrl + F7
Sort files in the active panel by owner (remote panel only) Ctrl + F8
Sort files in the active panel by group (remote panel only) Ctrl + F9
Insert names of selected files into the command line Ctrl + Enter
Copy names of selected files to the clipboard Ctrl + Shift + C
Copy names of selected files including paths to the clipboard Ctrl + Alt + C
Copy the current local path to the clipboard Ctrl + [
Copy the current remote path to the clipboard Ctrl + ]
Toggle is hidden and system files displaying Ctrl + Alt + H
Filter files Ctrl + Alt + F
Open the current directory in Windows Explorer (local panel only) Ctrl + Alt + E
Show/focus command line Ctrl + Shift + N
Focus queue view (when visible) Ctrl + Q


What is WinSCP?

WinSCP is a popular open-source FTP and SFTP client for Windows. It allows users to securely transfer files between a local and a remote computer.

What are some key features of WinSCP?

WinSCP offers a variety of features, including support for FTP, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV protocols, drag and drop file transfers, customizable user interface, and integration with Windows Explorer.

How do I transfer files with WinSCP?

To transfer files with WinSCP, you need to establish a connection with the remote server, navigate to the desired directory on the remote server and local computer, and then drag and drop the files between the two.

Is WinSCP compatible with all operating systems?

No, WinSCP is only available for Windows operating systems.



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