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30 Google Play Music Keyboard Shortcuts

download google play music shortcuts pdf

Dive deep into the Google Play Music service and seek out its best features including the Google Play Music Shortcuts.

Download Google Play Music Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of Google Play Music Shortcuts which will figure out your question about how to control Google Play Music with a keyboard. Download the list of Google Play Music Shortcuts in the form of a PDF for future use. It’s worth giving a whirl in learning these shortcuts to jump beyond the basics.

Most used Google Play Music Shortcuts

Action Play Music Shortcut keys
Play or pause music Spacebar
Go to the previous song Left Arrow key
Go to the next song Right Arrow key
Seek backward in the current song Shift + Left Arrow key
Seek forward in the current song Shift + Right Arrow key
Toggle shuffle on or off S
Toggle repeat between off, all, and one R
Search /
Toggle the navigation menu M
Toggle the queue open or closed Shift + Q
Decrease the player volume
Increase the player volume +
Create a new playlist P

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Song List Shortcuts

Action Google Play Music Shortcut keys
Select the item above the current selection Up Arrow key
Select the item below the current selection Down Arrow key
Delete the current selection Delete
Adds the currently selected songs to the queue Q
Rate the current song thumbs up Alt + +
Rate the current song thumbs down Alt + –
Displays the menu for the currently selected song A
Create a new radio station from the selected song I
Edits the currently selected songs E

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Google Play Music Shortcut keys
Go to Listen Now G then H
Go to my artists G then A
Go to my albums G then B
Go to my stations G then M
Go to my playlists G then P
Go to my songs G then S
Go to my genres G then G
Go to the top charts G then E
Go to new releases G then N
Go to browse stations G then T

In December 2020, Google officially ended its services to Google Play Music Users. Spotify is the best replacement for it. Have a look at the Spotify Shortcuts list.


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