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29 MPC-HC Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn MPC-HC Shortcuts for Windows

Most used MPC-HC Shortcuts

Action MPC-HC Shortcuts
Play/Pause Spacebar
Fullscreen Alt + Enter
Volume Up Up Arrow key
Volume Down Down Arrow key
Cycle audio A
Volume Adjust UP & Down Arrow key
Mute Ctrl + M
Exit Alt + X
Options O
Boss key B
File Properties Shift + F10
Save picture Alt + I
Show time Ctrl + I
Playlist Ctrl + 7
Minimal view 1
Compact view 2
Normal view 3

Go to Time Shortcuts

Action MPC-HC Shortcut Keys
Medium jump Left & Right Arrow key
Jump to keyframe Shift + Left & Right Arrow key
Frame step Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow key
Go to time Ctrl + G

Subtitles Shortcuts

Action MPC-HC Shortcuts
Subtitle delay decrease F1
Subtitle delay increase F2
Load subtitle Ctrl + L
Toggle subtitles W
Cycle subtitles S
Shift subtitle left Alt + Page Down key
Shift subtitle right Alt + Page Up key
Download subtitles D


What is MPC-HC?

MPC-HC stands for Media Player Classic - Home Cinema. It is a free and open-source media player for Windows. MPC-HC is designed to be lightweight and capable of playing a wide range of audio and video file formats.

Is MPC-HC still actively developed and maintained?

No, MPC-HC development was officially discontinued in July 2017. The project is considered stable and feature-complete. However, there are community-driven forks and alternative media players available that have evolved from MPC-HC and continue to receive updates.

Are there any alternative media players similar to MPC-HC?

Yes, there are alternative media players available that offer similar features and functionality to MPC-HC. Some popular options include MPC-BE (Media Player Classic - Black Edition), PotPlayer, VLC Media Player, and KMPlayer.

Can I use MPC-HC on operating systems other than Windows?

MPC-HC was primarily developed for Windows and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. However, there are unofficial builds or alternative media players available that may support other operating systems such as macOS or Linux.



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