50 VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

download vlc shortcut keys pdf

Many people use VLC software daily, but only a few are aware of the VLC keyboard shortcuts. People who spend most of their time watching educational videos, or music videos or using them for entertainment purposes must know about the VLC keyboard shortcuts.

List of VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

So this guide is specially compiled with VLC keyboard shortcuts that can come in handy for both VLC users and non-users. Do not be too shocked or surprised if VLC can help you convert video formats or download videos from YouTube. Download the VLC keyboard shortcut list for windows users in PDF form.

Download VLC Shortcut keys PDF

Most used VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

Action VLC Shortcut keys PDF
Full Screen F
Exit full-screen mode Esc
Pause or play the video Spacebar
Subtitles on or off V
Select audio track B
Volume up in 5% increments Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Volume down in 5% increments Ctrl + Down Arrow key

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Video Navigation Shortcuts

Action VLC Shortcut keys PDF
Open Disc menu Ctrl + D
Open Folder Ctrl + F
Advanced open file Ctrl + R
Open Single file Ctrl + O
Mute and unmute audio M
Play Video P
Stop Video S
Increase playback by 0.1x [
Decrease playback by 0.1x ]
Adjust playback to normal (1.0x) =
Change screen Crop 16:10, 16:9, 4:3, etc. C
Change Aspect ratio 16:10, 16:9, 4.:3, etc. A
Decrease subtitle delay G
Increase subtitle delay H
Decrease audio delay J
Increase audio delay K
Change zoom mode Z
Play Recent media Ctrl + 1
Showtime T
Go to time Ctrl + T
Hide Control Ctrl + H

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Manage Playlists & Commands Shortcuts

Action VLC Shortcut keys
Preferences or interface settings Ctrl + P
Adjustments and audio or video Effects Ctrl + E
Edit Bookmarks Ctrl + B
Open Messages Ctrl + M
Open Network Ctrl + N
Open Capture device Ctrl + C
Open playlist Ctrl + L
Save playlist Ctrl + Y
Media Information Ctrl + I
Toggle Deinterlace D
Play the next movie from the playlist N
Play previous movies from the playlist P
Show help F1
Window full-screen F11
Quit VLC Ctrl + W

Jump in Video playback Shortcuts

Action VLC Shortcut keys
Jump 3 seconds forward Shift + Right Arrow key
Jump 3 seconds backward Shift + Left Arrow key
Jump 10 seconds forward Alt + Right Arrow key
Jump 10 seconds backward Alt + Left Arrow key
Jump 1 minute forward Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Jump 1 minute backward Ctrl + Left Arrow key

After having gone through a list of VLC keyboard shortcuts for Windows users, look at GOM Player Shortcuts as an alternative to VLC. These VLC keyboard shortcuts can help you control the application very conveniently. Also, doing this will increase your productivity and save time.


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