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30 Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

When an engineer uses Android Studio shortcuts, they have the power to bend the environment to their will. This is the first rule I learned when I started programming. The key to improving efficiency with Android Studio is to avoid using the mouse as much as possible.

Download Android Studio Shortcuts PDF

Given the list of Android Studio shortcut keys below, you should be able to navigate through the entire IDE. Download the Android Studio shortcut keys in PDF format.

Most used Android Studio Shortcuts

Action Android Studio Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Open Ctrl + O
Save Ctrl + S
Find Ctrl + F
Find & Replace Ctrl + H
Go to file Ctrl + Shift + N
Navigate open tabs Alt + Left Arrow key
Lookup recent files Ctrl + E
Go to line Ctrl + G
Navigate to the last edit location Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Go to declaration Ctrl + B
Go to Implementation Ctrl + Alt + B
Go to Source F4
Go to Super Class Ctrl + U
Show Call hierarchy Ctrl + Alt + H
Search in path or project Ctrl + Shift + F
Reformat code Ctrl + Alt + L
Optimize imports Ctrl + Alt + O
Code Completion Ctrl + Spacebar
Issue quick fix Alt + Enter
Surround code block Ctrl + Alt + T
Rename and refactor Shift + F6
Line Comment or Uncomment Ctrl + /
Block Comment or Uncomment Ctrl + Shift + /
Go to the previous method Alt + Page Up key
Go to the next method Alt + Page Down key
Show parameters for the method Ctrl + P
Quick documentation lookup Ctrl + Q
Delete line Ctrl + Y
Safe Delete Alt + Delete
Close Active Tab Ctrl + F4
Build and run Shift + F10
Build Ctrl + F9
All-purpose Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + A

So, this was a list of the most useful Android Studio shortcut keys. It has helped me improve my productivity manifold. Using these Android Studio shortcut keys when programming and refactoring can make a difference in time saved and drastically increase productivity. A detailed list of Visual Studio shortcuts is also available for you to learn as an alternative to Android Studio.


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