69 Adobe After Effects Shortcuts for Windows users

The more After Effects shortcuts you know the better it will be for you to work with. A beginner, as well as a pro designer, would know the importance of the After effects shortcuts once you start using this software religiously. Download the After Effect for Windows here.

List of Adobe After Effects Shortcuts

Motion designers and VFX artist below is the list of the After Effects shortcuts specially listed for you.

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Project Shortcuts

Action After Effects Shortcuts
New Project Ctrl + Alt + N
Open Ctrl + O
Open a most recent project Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P
New folder in the Project panel Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
Open project settings dialog box Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K
Find in the project panel Ctrl + F

Basics After Effects Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Select all Ctrl + A
Deselect all Ctrl + Shift + A
Duplicate layers, Mask, effects Ctrl + D
Quit Ctrl + Q
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Purge All Memory Ctrl + Alt + /
Interrupt running a script Esc

Panels Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Open or close Project Panel Ctrl + 0
Open or close Render Queue Panel Ctrl + Alt + 0
Open or close Tools Panel Ctrl + 1
Open or close Info Panel Ctrl + 2
Open or close Preview Panel Ctrl + 3
Open or close Audio Panel Ctrl + 4
Open or close Effects and Presets Panel Ctrl + 5
Open or close Character Panel Ctrl + 6
Open or close Paragraph Panel Ctrl + 7
Open or close Paint Panel Ctrl + 8
Open or close Brushes Panel Ctrl + 9

Previews Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Start or stop the preview Spacebar
Preview only audio, in the work area Alt + .
Take Snapshot Shift + F5
Fast Previews > Off Ctrl + Alt + 1
Fast Previews > Adaptive Resolution Ctrl + Alt + 2
Fast Previews > Draft Ctrl + Alt + 3
Fast Previews > Fast Draft Ctrl + Alt + 4
Fast Previews > WireFrame Ctrl + Alt + 5

Views Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Toggle showing straight RGB color Alt + Shift + 4
Show alpha boundary in Layer Panel Alt + 5
Show alpha overlay in Layer Panel Alt + 6
Show or hide safe zones
Show or Hide Grid Ctrl + ‘
Show or hide proportional Grid Alt + ‘
Show or Hide Rulers Ctrl + R
Show or hide guides Ctrl + ;
Turn to snap to Grid on or off Ctrl + Shift + ‘
Turn to snap to Guides on or off Ctrl + Shift + ;
Lock or unlock Guides Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ;
Show or hide Layer controls Ctrl + Shift + H

Footage Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Import one file or image sequence Ctrl + I
Import multiple files or image sequences Ctrl + Alt + I
Delete a Footage item without a warning Ctrl + Backspace
Remember Footage interpretation Ctrl + Alt + C
Edit selected Footage item Ctrl + E
Replace selected Footage item Ctrl + H
Reload selected Footage items Ctrl + Alt + L
Set proxy for a selected Footage item Ctrl + Alt + P

3D Layers Shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Switch to 3D view 1 (defaults to Front) F10
Switch to 3D view 2 (defaults to Custom View 1) F11
Switch to 3D view 3 (defaults to Active Camera) F12
Return to the previous view Esc
New Light Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L
New Camera Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C
Look at selected 3D Layers F
Look at all 3D Layers Ctrl + Shift + F
Turn Casts Shadows property on / off Alt + Shift + C

Text Shortcuts

Action After Effects Shortcuts
New text Layer Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T
Align horizontal text Left Ctrl + Shift + L
Align horizontal text Center Ctrl + Shift + C
Align horizontal text Right Ctrl + Shift + R
Align vertical text Top Ctrl + Shift + L
Align vertical text Center Ctrl + Shift + C
Align vertical text Bottom Ctrl + Shift + R

Download Adobe After Effects Shortcuts in PDF format

Download After Effects Shortcuts PDF

The above After Effects shortcuts will be a game-changer for you once you start using them. These shortcuts can save you valuable time and effort. Workflow becomes effective as well as efficient. After all these points even if you are looking for an alternative to the After Effect. Blender is the most trending one.



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