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20 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts List

download facebook shortcuts pdf

One-third of Facebook users use the service on their mobile devices, still, the main way to access many functions is through the desktop. There are Facebook shortcuts listed for business users who choose to invest their time and money into Facebook marketing. For this, you need to be efficient, and therefore Facebook shortcuts were created.

Download Facebook Shortcuts list PDF

Social media marketer spends most of their time marketing different media platforms. The below list of Facebook Shortcut keys is specially listed to save up a few seconds each day at work which when accumulated becomes days. Download the Facebook Shortcut keys list in the form of a PDF.

Most used Facebook Shortcuts

Action Facebook Shortcut keys
Home 1
Timeline or Profile 2
Friends 3
Messages 4
Notifications 5
General account settings 6
Privacy settings 7
Facebook page 8
Legal terms 9
Help Center 0
New message M
Search ?
Scroll forward through News Feed J
Scroll backward through News Feed K
Comment on the selected story C
Like or unlike a story I
Like or unlike a photo L

Facebook has grown too over the years finding new ways to help, connect and entertain you. Facebook Shortcut keys are just a cherry on top. The list will help you to get the most out of your online experience. It saves you time and you can quickly digest all your updates in no time. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Telegram are other social media platforms that are used to promote and grow business on a larger scale. Check out a list of Twitter Shortcuts.


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