50 Quip Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & Mac

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Editing Shortcuts

Action Quip Shortcut keys Windows Quip Shortcut keys Mac
Move a list item up one line Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key Command + Option + Up Arrow key
Move a list item down one line Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key Command + Option + Down Arrow key
Check a list of item Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z Command + Shift + Z
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
Print document Ctrl + P Command + P
Insert link Ctrl + K Command + K
Next line Alt + N Option + N
Previous line Alt + P Option + P
Hide or Show conversation Ctrl + Alt + C Command + Option + C
Add a comment Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Shift + C
Finish edit session Ctrl + Alt + S Command + Option + S

Spreadsheet Shortcuts

Action Quip Shortcuts Windows Quip Shortcuts Mac
Move to the edge of the data Ctrl + Arrow keys Command + Arrow keys
Expand selection to the edge of the data Ctrl + Shift + Arrow keys Command + Shift + Arrow keys
Select row Shift + Spacebar Shift + Spacebar
Select column Ctrl + Spacebar Command + Spacebar
Add a line in a cell Alt + Enter Option + Return
Fill the selection with the entered text Ctrl + Enter Command + Return
Fill down in the selection Ctrl + D Command + D
Fill right in the selection Ctrl + R Command + R
The scroll-focused cell into view Ctrl + Backspace Command + Backspace
Insert above or in front of selected rows or columns Ctrl + I Command + I
Remove selected rows or columns Ctrl + – Command + –
Insert current time Ctrl + ; Command + ;
Insert today’s date Ctrl + : Command + :

Style Shortcuts

Action Quip Shortcut keys Windows Quip Shortcut keys Mac
Bold the selected text Ctrl + B Command + B
Italicize the selected text Ctrl + I Command + I
Underline the selected text Ctrl + U Command + U
Strikethrough the selected text Ctrl + Shift + X Command + Shift + X
Monospace (code style) the selected text Ctrl + Shift + K Command + Shift + K
Paragraph (normal text style) Ctrl + Alt + 0 Command + Option + 0
Large heading style Ctrl + Alt + 1 Command + Option + 1
Medium heading style Ctrl + Alt + 2 Command + Option + 2
Small heading style Ctrl + Alt + 3 Command + Option + 3
Bulleted list style Ctrl + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Code block style Ctrl + Alt + K Command + Option + K

Anywhere Shortcuts

Action Quip Shortcut keys Windows Quip Shortcut keys Mac
List all keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + / Command + /
Create new Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N Command + Option + Shift + N
Create a new document Ctrl + Alt + N Command + Option + N
Create a new message Ctrl + Alt + M Command + Option + M
Go to Desktop Ctrl + Shift + D Command + Shift + D
Search for a document, folder, or conversation Ctrl + Alt + O Command + Option + O

Other Quip Shortcuts

Action Quip Shortcut keys Windows Quip Shortcut keys Mac
Toggle styles between various types of lists and headings ` `
Indent a list item Tab Tab
De-indent a list item Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Add a single space between lines Shift + Enter Shift + Return
Stop editing Esc Esc


What is Quip?

Quip is a productivity and collaboration platform that combines documents, spreadsheets, and chat in one place.

How can I collaborate with others on Quip?

Quip allows multiple users to work on the same document or spreadsheet at the same time, and it has a built-in chat feature that allows users to communicate and share feedback. You can also set up notifications to stay updated on changes made to a document.

Is Quip free to use?

Quip offers a free plan, which includes basic features such as document creation, collaboration, and chat. It also offers paid plans that include additional features such as document history, admin controls, and offline access.


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