450 Finacle 10 Commands for Banks

In the banking industry, Finacle 10 commands are creating a great buzz. Finacle 10 is being used by various banks worldwide. This software serves over 100 countries, almost reaching 1 billion customers.

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The Finacle delivers flexibility, excellence, and experience. Finacle is a suite that provides you with the Finacle Core Banking Solution, Finacle Digital Engagement Hub, Finacle Online Banking Solution, Finacle Mobile Banking Solution, and many more.

Finacle 10 commands for Audit

Action Finacle Shortcuts
Audit File Print HAFP
Audit File Purge HAFPU
Audit Literal Details Maintenance HALDM
Inquire On Audit Events HAEI
Inquire on Audit Master IAM
Inquire on Sign and Photo Audit ISPA
Inter Entity Audit Report IEAUDIT
Inter Sol Audit Report HISAR
Print Audit Details HPAD
Verification Audit Maintenance HVAM
View Audit Details HVAD

Finacle 10 for Deposits

Action Finacle Shortcuts
Account Close Authorization – Term Deposit HCAACVTD
Account Close – Term Deposit HCAACTD
Accounts Maintenance – Term Deposits HACMTD
Accounts Maintenance – Top-Up Deposits HACMTU
Calculate Profit for Deposits CPFD
Combined Deposit HCDEP
Cross Currency Cash Deposit CCASHDEP
Deposit Accounts Maintenance HDAM
Deposit Flow Regeneration HREGFLOW
Deposit Modeling HDEPMOD
Deposit Transactions Report Detail HDTRD
Deposit Transactions Report Summary HDTRS
Deposits Linked to Pool Report GDLTPR
Deposits Menu GUDEPMU
Deposits Menu – ONS ONSGUDMU
Deposits Menu- Online services HGUDEPMU
Deposits Receipt Print HDRP
Deposits Receipt Print (Duplicate) HDUDRP
Deposits Reports Menu DEPREPMU
Deposits Reports Menu – Online HDEPRPMU
Deposits Reports Menu – ONS ONSDPRMU
Distribute Profit for Mud Pool Deposits DPMPD
Fixed Deposits Linked Details HFDLD
Flow Amt-wise Distribution of Deposits CFDD
General Deposits Details CGDET
Inquire Profit Calculated for Deposits IPCFD
Irregular Recurring Deposits Report HIRRDEP
Maturity Periodwise Dist of Deposits CMDD
Non-Resident Deposit Single Return HNRDCSR
Pending Deposits Receipt Print HPENDDRP
Pool-Wise Distribution of Deposit Report GPDODR
Rate-wise Distribution of Deposits HRDD
Renewed Accounts Lookup For Deposits HRELACI
Report For Partly Funded Deposits HPARTFUN
Reprint Deposits Receipt HREDRP
Scheme Parameter Inquiry – Term Deposits HTDGSPI
Scheme Parameter Inquiry – Top-up Deposits HTUGSPI
Scheme Parameter Maint – Term Deposits HTDGSPM
Scheme Parameter Maint – Top-up Deposits HTUGSPM
Scheme-wise Distribution of Deposits CSDD
Term Deposit Accounts Purge HPUTDACC
Term Deposit Extension HTDEXT
Term Deposit Interest details HTDINT
Term Deposit Interest Version Slab Inq HTVSI
Term Deposit Interest Version Slab Maint. HTVSM
Term Deposit Renewal HTDREN
Term Deposit Tax Deduction Details HTDTAX
Term Deposit Transaction Details HTDTRAN
Term Deposits Master Upload HUPLTAM
Term Deposits of Customer HCUTD
Term Deposits Transaction Upload HUPLTDT

Finacle 10 commands related to Forex

Action Finacle 10 Commands
Cancel Forex Demand Draft HCFDDS
Forex Parameters Maintenance Menu FXMMU
FOREX Turnover Report HFXTR
Maintain FOREX Control Table HMNTFCT
Pay Forex Demand Drafts in Mass HPFDDM
Foreign Agent Code Maintenance MAC
Foreign Currency Notes Issued Report HFCNR
Foreign Currency Purchase Sale Report HFCNPS
Foreign Currency TC Issued Report HFCTCR
Foreign Currency TC Sale Report HFCTCSR
Foreign DD/TT/MT Issued Register HDTMR
Foreign Exchange Menu GUFXMU
Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate PFIRC
Foreign Remittances Report Menu FREMRMU
Maintain Foreign Agent Code MNTFAC
Print a Foreign Outward DD REMPRINT
Currency Exchange With Customer CEC
Currency Exchange With Money Changer CEMC
Customer Level Exchange Rate Maintenance HCLERPM
Exchange Rates Menu – Online Services HRATEXMU
Maintain Stock Exchange Details MSED
Forward Contract Forward Rate Reval Report FCFRPT
Forward Contract Forward Rate Revaluation FCFRR
Forward Contract CRVLAFWC
Forward Contract Close HFWCLOSE
Forward Contract Details HFWCI
Forward Contract Liability Report FWCLR
Forward Contract Maintenance MNTFWC
Forward Contract Note Printing FWCNOTE
Forward Contract Revaluation FWCREVAL
Forward Contract Type Maintenance FWCTPM
Forward Contracts Menu FWCMU

Finacle 10 commands for Cash

Action Finacle Shortcuts
Cash Balance Report HCBR
Cash Withdrawal CASHWD
Close Cash Transactions HCCST
Cross Currency Cash Withdrawal CCASHWD
Currency Sale – Cash CURSALE
FAB Cash Report Details FCASHREP
Inquire on Bonds Realized Cashflows IBRC
Issue of Encashment Certificate IEC
Pending Cash Transactions HCASHPND
Shroff Cash Report – All HSCWRPTA
Shroff Cash Report HSCWRPT
Stop Cash Transactions HSCST
Teller Cash Sale – Cash TCSALEC
Teller Cash Account Maintenance HGECM
Cash Deposit CASHDEP

Finacle 10 Commands related to Cheques

Action Finacle Shortcuts
Bankers Cheque Recon Report HBCREPRT
Cheque Book Details Upload HCHQUPLD
Cheque Book issue CHQISS
Cheque Book Issued Register HCHBIR
Cheque Book Maintenance HCHBM
Cheques Rejected at the Counter HECHRAC
Foreign Cheques Covering Schedule HFBCCS
Generate Cheques Covering Schedule GCCS
Inquire Account Number for a Cheque HINQACHQ
Issue Chequebook to Account HICHBA
Issue Chequebooks HICHB
Post-Dated Cheque Zone Maintenance HPDCZM
Post-Dated Cheques Maintenance HPDCM
Post Dated Cheques Upload for reject PDC UOPDCR
Purge Cheque Book Table HPUCBT
Transfer Cheques between Accounts HXFCHBAC
Update Cheque Status HUCS
Upload Mutal Fund Transactions Cheque Details UMFTCD
Upload SIP Cheque Details USIPCD

Finacle 10 for Demand Draft [DD]

Action Finacle 10 Shortcut keys
Demand Draft Cancellation HDDC
Demand Draft Issue DDISSUE
Demand Draft Issue Reports HDDIR
Demand Draft Not Paid Advice HDDNPADV
Demand Draft Paid Advice HDDPADV
Demand Draft Payment DDPAY
Demand Draft Payment Advice Entry HDDADV
Demand Draft Reminder Batch Menu DDREM
Demand Draft Status Maintenance HDDSM
Demand Draft Summary in File HDDSUMF
Demand Draft Transfer to Head Office HDDXFR
Demand Draft Mass Issue HDDMI
Demand Draft Mass Payment HDDMP
Demand Draft menus – Online Services DD
Demand Draft Print Report HDDPRPT
Demand Draft Rates Enabled Mass Issue HDDXMI
Demand Draft Reports HDDP
Demand Draft Status Upload HUPLDST
Demand Drafts Batch Printing HDDBP
Demand Drafts Menu GUDDMU
Demand Drafts Payment Upload HDDPUPL
Demand Drafts Rectification HDDR
Demand Drafts Revert HDDRVRT
Demand Drafts Transfer HDDT
Demand Drafts Upload HDDUPL

Finacle 10 for Account Opening

Action Finacle 10 Shortcut keys
Account Open Modification – Corporate Loan HOAACMCL
Account Opening – Cash Credit – Modification HOAACMCC
Account Opening – Commercial Loan – Verification HOAACVCL
Account Opening – Term Deposits – Modification HOAACMTD
Account Opening – Term Deposits – Verification HOAACVTD
Account Opening – Top Up Deposits – Modification HOAACMTU
Account Opening – Top Up Deposits – Verification HOAACVTU
Account Open Modification – Pre Shipment Acct OAACMPS
Account Opening – Bill Purchase HOAACBP
Account Opening – Bill Purchase – Modify HOAACMBP
Account Opening – Bills Purchase – Verify HOAACVBP
Account Opening – Cash Credit HOAACCC
Account Opening – Cash Credit – Verify HOAACVCC
Account Opening – Commercial Loan HOAACCL
Account Opening – Current HOAACCA
Account Opening – Current – Modification HOAACMCA
Account Opening – Current – Verify HOAACVCA
Account Opening – Loan HOAACLA
Account Opening – Loan – Modification HOAACMLA
Account Opening – Loan – Verify HOAACVLA
Account Opening – Overdraft HOAACOD
Account Opening – Overdraft – Modification HOAACMOD
Account Opening – Overdraft – Verify HOAACVOD
Account Opening – Savings HOAACSB
Account Opening – Savings – Modification HOAACMSB
Account Opening – Savings – Verify HOAACVSB
Account Opening – Term Deposits HOAACTD
Account Opening – Top-Up Deposits HOAACTU
Automatic Account Opening HOAACACL
Bonds Holiday modification report GBHMR
Common Message Modification Interface HCMMI
DD Modification HDDMOD
Drawdown Rate Modification DRDNM
Fixed Deposits Opening Closure Details HFDOCD
Modify Corporate Customer MCEC
Modify Effective Asset Classification HMEAC
Modify Order Fixing MOF
Modify Retail Customer MRCR
Modify Structured Product Value Date MSPVD
Modify Syndication Distribution Amount MSDA
Offline Operative Account Opening FOPACOP
Open a Pre-shipment Account OAACPS
Open Cash Transactions HOCST
Open Inward Clearing Zone HOICZ
Open Inward Clearing Zone For Set HOICZSET
Open Transfer Transactions HOXFT
Open Zone HOZO
Restrict Modify Indicator Maintenance HRMIM
SP Holiday Modification Report GSPHMR

Finacle 10 for Clearing

Action Finacle 10 Shortcut keys
Centralized Clearing Operations HCCO
Clearing BAR/Advice Printing HCLBAP
Clearing Menu GUCLMU
Clearing Menu – Online services HGUCLMU
Clearing Rule Maintenance HCLRM
Clearing Status Update HCSUP
Clearing Transaction Code Maintenance HCTCM
Clearing Transaction Upload Maintenance HCLUPLD
Clearing Transaction Verification HOCTV
Clearing Zone Maintenance FCLZM
ECS Generate Outward Clearing File HEGOC
Inquire On Clearing Transaction Sets HIOCLS
Inward Clearing Menu HGUICLMU
Inward Clearing Rej Code Maintenance HICRCM
Inward Clearing Replay REPIWC
Inward Clearing Transaction Maintenance HICTM
Inward Clearing Zone Template Maintenance HICZCM
Maintain Clearing Zone HMCLZOH
Maintain Inward Clearing Zone HMICZ
Offline Outward Clearing Instrument Inq FOIQ
Offline Outward Clearing Upload FOWCUPLD
Outward Clearing Instrument Maintenance HOCINST
Outward Clearing Instrument Verification HOCIV
Outward Clearing Insts Download Report HOCDL
Outward Clearing Menu GUOCLMU
Outward Clearing Part Tran Maintenance HOCPTRN
Outward Clearing Replay REPOWC
Outward Clearing Schedule FPCLSO
Outward Clearing Set Lodge HOCTM
Outward Clearing Value Date Report HVALDTR
Outward Clearing Zone Template Maintenance HCLZCM
Print Clearing Schedule HPCLSO
Print Inward Clearing Schedule HPICS
Print Inward Clearing Waste HPICW
Purge Inward clearing Zone HPUIZH
Purge Outward Clearing Zone HPURZO

Finacle 10 for ECS

Action Finacle 10 Shortcut keys
ECS Data Segregation HEDS
ECS Generate Inward Return File HEGIR
ECS Inward Returns Processing HEIRP
ECS Inward Transaction Upload HEITU
ECS Lien Lifting HECSLL
ECS Mandate Maintenance HECSM
ECS Mandate Report HEMR
ECS Mandate Upload HECSMU
ECS Outward Returns Processing HEORP
ECS Outward Transaction Processing HEOTP
ECS Status Update HESUP
ECS Suspense Reversal HEOSR

Finacle 10 Commands Related to Loans

Action Fiancle 10 commands
Account Maintenance – Commercial Loan HACMCL
Accounts Maintenance – Loans HACMLA
ACH O/w Debit Claim Processing for Loans HACHODCL
ACH Outward Debit Resend for Loans HACHODRL
ACH-Loans Demand Satisfaction Process HACHDSP
Agricultural Loans Master Sheet Print HALMSP
Auto Reschedule Pre-EI Loans HLAAR
Batch Closure Of LOAN Accounts HCLSLAA
Batch Rephasement of EI Loans HREPHASE
Batch Review Loan Against Collateral HLACREV
Charge Off Loan Account HCOLA
Close Loan Account CAACLA
Commercial Loan Accounts HCUCLAAC
Commercial Loan Amendment Rescheduling HCLARA
Commercial Loan Int Ver Slab Maintenance HCLVSM
Commercial Loan Payment Menu HCLSPAY
Corporate Loan Payment Menu HCLUPAY
Draw Down Syndicated Loan DDSL
ECS Loan Batch Job HECLA
EMI Loans Interest Details Report HEMIINTR
Employer Rpt For Salary Loan Deduction HEISRPT
Inquire/Print Loan Interest Acct Details IPLIAD
Installment Reversal of Loan Accts HINSTREV
Loan Account Master Print HLAMP
Loan Account menus – Online Services LAACCTS
Loan Account Notice Maintenance HLANM
Loan Account Pass Sheet Print HLAPSP
Loan Account Recall HLARECAL
Loan Accounts of Customer HCULA
Loan Advance Interest Adjustment HLADINAD
Loan Agency Master HLAAM
Loan Amendment and Rescheduling HLARA
Loan Collection Upload Process HLACOLUP
Loan Date Field Registry for Date Shift HRLDFDSO
Loan Deferment HLADEF
Loan Disbursement HLADISB
Loan Disbursement Letter HLADML
Loan Document Details Upload HDOCUPL
Loan Facility Pledged by Unit Trust GLFPUTR
Loan Fee Details HCLFEEI
Loan Future Installment/PDC Report HLAFIRPT
Loan General Details HCLNGI
Loan Interest Data generation HSHBLGEN
Loan Interest Table Maintenance HLINTTM
Loan Interest Version Slab Maintenance HLVSM
Loan Late Fee Assessment and Reversal HLALFAR
Loan Litigation Details Maintenance HLLDM
Loan Litigation Details Reports HLLDRPTS
Loan Modelling HLAMOD
Loan Pay Off Process HPAYOFF
Loan Priority of Settlement Maintenance HLAPSM
Loan Repayment Schedule HLRPSI
Loan Upload Demands HUPLDMD
Loans & Advances Menu GULAMU
Loans & Advances PDC Menu LAPDCMU
Loans & Advances Reports Menu – Online HLAREPMU
Loans & Advances Upload Menu HLAUPLMU
Loans Batch Assessment of Rebates HLABAR
Loans Collection and Position Report HLAPOSR
Loans Demand Generation Process HLADGEN
Loans Demand Satisfaction Process HLADSP
Loans- Fee Assess, Collect, and Refund HLAFACR
Loans Fee Assessment and Collection HLAFACB
Loans Flow Maintenance HLAFI
Loans Follow-up History Maintenance HLAFHM
Loans Forthcoming Rollover Report HFCRRPT
Loans Maturity Processing HLAMATP
Loans Overdue Demand Reminder/Report HLAODR
Loans Periodical Review Returns 1A HLAPRR1A
Loans Periodical Review Returns 4A HLAPRR4A
Loans Periodical Review Returns 4B HLAPRR4B
Loans Periodical Review Returns 4C HLAPRR4C
Loans Repayment Schedule Report HLARSH
Loans Rollover Batch Job HLAROB
Loans Scheduled Payment HLASPAY
Loans Scheduled Payment Report HSPAYRPT
Loans Unscheduled Payment HLAUPAY
Loans Uploads HLAUPLD
Loans – Waiver of Fee HLAWFEE
Loans – Waiver of Interest HLAWINT
Problem Loan – Debt Transfer HDBTCON
PSR29 – Agricultural Loans Return HPSR29
Replicate Global Loan Parameters to GSPM RLAGSPM
Reverse Loan Account Rescheduling RLAR
Packing Credits Maintenance Menu HPCMMU
Packing Credits Reports Menu PCRPTM
Party Wise Pre-Shipment Credit RPODPC
Party-wise Liability Register HPLR
Account Limit History Maintenance HACLHM
Batch Limit Status Update LIMSTUPD
Batch Re-Transfer of Limits HLIMRXFR
Customer Limit Details HACLHI
Customer Limit Tree Details HLMTREEI
DSA Document Limit History Upload HUPLDLH
FAB Change Offline Debit Limit FCHGRLM
Limit Contingent Reversal HLIMITCR
Limit Details ZACLHI
Limit History Upload HUPLLHT
Limit Liability Report HLLR
Limit Node Details HLNDI
Limit Node Maintenance HLNM
Limit Node Purge HPULN
Limit Node Revaluation HLNREV
Limit Transfer HLIMXFR
Limit Tree Lookup HLTL
Limits and Margin HLMIMU
Maintain Limit Master MLM
Rebuild Limit History HRLH
Role Event Approver Limit Maintenance HREALM
Superseding Expired Limits HSEL
Temporary Limits LNMTL

Finacle 10 for Print

Action Finacle 10 Shortcut keys
Account Master Print HACMP
Account Selection Print HACSP
BG Margin Printing HBMARGIN
Customer Account Ledger Print HACLPCA
Customer Balance Printing HCUSBALP
Customer Master Print HCUMP
DC General Purpose Report Printing HDCGPR
FFD – Pass Sheet Print HFFDPSP
HO Schedules Print HHOS
Inquire HO Transactions & Print Advices IHOTPA
Office Account Ledgers Print HACLPOA
Pass Sheet Print HPSP
Passbook Print HPBP
Passbook Reprint HPBPR
Print All Unprinted DDS HDDPALL
Print Certificate for Zakat Deduction PCZD
Print Consolidated Advices PCA
Print Daybook HPDB
Print DR/CR Advice to Customer HADVC
Print Forms DDFMU
Print Investment Portfolio Statement PIPS
Print P & L Report for Branch HPLBRAN
Print Profitability/Budget Rpt in Branch HPBBRAN
Print Reports HPR
Print SI Advice to Customer HSIADVC
Print SI Covering Letter to Customer HSICL
Print Swift Message Advice HSAG
Print Transfer Waste HPTW
Print Voucher HPV
Print Waste HPWO
Print/Display Media List HPDML
Printer Table Maintenance HPRT
Printing Maha Reports HPRTMR
Profit Certificate Print PPC
Purchase/Sale register printing HFXPSRG
Purge Print Queue Table HPUPQT
Rate list Printing HPRRTL
Remittance Advice Printing RADVP
Reprint a DD/Print Advice HDDRPRNT
Standing Instructions Register Printing HSIRP
Transaction Advice Printing DC/BG HCHRGADV

Finacle will lay a solid foundation for your digital future. It promises to make you digital to the core. Finacle, which is the end-to-end banking solution for Indian banks, has been upgraded to Finacle 10. The new version includes innovative features like biometric authentication, video chat customer service, social media integration, and many more.

Finacle 10 offers a great experience for customers by giving them an easier way to interact with the bank.

The video chat service provides you with an opportunity to speak directly with your bank representative through your mobile phone or laptop. This eliminates the need for making expensive international calls or waiting in long queues just to speak with your bank representative. The list of Finacle shortcuts above will be useful for assistants assigned to audit banks.



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