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132 GOM Player Keyboard Shortcuts

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GOM Player shortcuts are always better to get things done faster and in an easier manner. The shortcut keys for GOM players are categorized into Windows size shortcut keys, Aspect Ratio shortcut keys, Pan & Scan shortcut keys, and Subtitles shortcut keys.

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This list of GOM Player shortcuts should be used by every GOM user. Navigate like professionals with the help of shortcuts. Click here to Download GOM Player Software.

Gretech Online Movie Player, sometimes known as GOM Player, is a media player for Windows. It is created by the South Korean company GOM & Company. The bear’s paw was chosen as the symbol for GOM because, in Korean, the word GOM means bear. The GOM player has the capacity to play some damaged media files thanks to a feature that allows it to locate missing codecs via the codec finder service. Let’s examine the GOM player’s keyboard shortcuts.

Playback Control Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Shortcuts
Bookmark B
Add to Bookmark N
Easy Browser Ctrl + I
Easy Subtitles Browser Alt + I
Files Ctrl + O
Directory Ctrl + D
URL Ctrl + U
Finish Playback F4
Play Spacebar
Pause Ctrl + P
Stop Ctrl + Spacebar
Restart from the beginning Backspace
Forward 10 seconds Ctrl + F
Backward 10 seconds Ctrl + B
Forward 60 seconds Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Backward 60 seconds Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Forward 300 seconds Shift + Right Arrow key
Backward 300 seconds Shift + Left Arrow key

Volume Control Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Keyboard Shortcuts
Volume Up Up Arrow key
Volume Down Down Arrow key
Wave volume up Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Wave volume down Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Master volume up Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Master volume down Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Mute M
Select Audio Stream A
Use Equalizer Shift + E
Set Equalizer L
Use Normalizer Shift + N
Advanced Audio Capture Shift + G
Increase Equalizer level Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key
Decrease Equalizer level Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key
Audio Settings Shift + P
Reverb Effect Shift + R
Extra-Stereo Effect Shift + S

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Subtitles Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Keyboard Shortcuts
Show or Hide Subtitles Alt + H
Subtitle Explorer Alt + E
Horizontal Spacing + Alt + 6
Horizontal Spacing – Alt + 4
Vertical Spacing + Alt + 8
Vertical Spacing – Alt + 2
Default Position Alt + Home
Enlarge Font Size Alt + Page Up
Reduce Font Size Alt + Page Down
Change Language Alt + L
Default Sync /
Font Bold Alt + B
Open Subtitles Alt + O

Aspect Ratio Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Keyboard Shortcuts
Keep Aspect Ratio Ctrl + F5
Default Aspect Ratio Ctrl + F6
4:3 (TV) Ctrl + F7
16:9 (HDTV) Ctrl + F8
1.85:1 (Screen) Ctrl + F9
2.35:1 (Screen) Ctrl + F10
User-Defined Ratio Ctrl + F11

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Screen Capture & Playback Speed Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Shortcuts
Advanced Screen Capture Ctrl + G
Copy the Current Frame Ctrl + C
Save the Current Frame Ctrl + E
Speed Up Ctrl + Shift + F
Speed Down Ctrl + Shift + B
Normal Speed Ctrl + Shift + N

Pan & Scan Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Shortcuts
Set Aspect Ratio 0
Reset to Default 5
Video to the Right 6
Video to the Left 4
Video to the Up 8
Video to the Down 2
Video Size + Ctrl + 9
Video Size – Ctrl + 1
Video Width + Ctrl + 6
Video Width – Ctrl + 4
Video Height + Ctrl + 8
Video Height – Ctrl + 2
Window to the Left Ctrl + Alt + 4
Window to the Right Ctrl + Alt + 6
Window to the Up Ctrl + Alt + 8
Window to the Down Ctrl + ALt + 2
Window Size + Ctrl + Alt + +
Window Size – Ctrl + Alt + –
Window to the Center Ctrl + ALt + 5

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Video Control Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Shortcuts
Input Ctrl + Y
Output Ctrl + V
Sharpen Ctrl + M
Noise Ctrl + N
Reset Video Control Q
Increase Brightness/Contrast W
Increase Brightness by 5% R
Decrease Brightness by 5% E
Increase Contrast by 5% Y
Decrease Contrast by 5% T
Increase Saturation by 5% I
Decrease Saturation by 5% U
Increase Hue by 5% P
Decrease Hue by 5% O

Window Size Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Shortcut keys
Minimum Size
50% 1
100% 2
150% 3
200% 4
Fit to Desktop Resolution 5
Maximize/Restore 6
Full Screen/Restore Alt + Enter
Full Stretch Screen Ctrl + Enter
Full Stretch Screen Ctrl + Alt + Enter

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Other GOM Player Shortcuts

Action GOM Player Shortcut keys
DVD Control Menu D
Previous Chapter Page Up
Next Chapter Page Down
Root Menu Ctrl + Backspace
Set Skins K
Skin Management Alt + F10
Previous Color Theme Alt + F11
Next Color Theme Alt + F12
Previous File Page Up
Next File Page Down
Control Panel F7
Playlist F8
Add Current Directory Alt + D
Manage Favorites Alt + F
Start AB Repeat [
End AB Repeat ]
Undo Start AB Repeat Shift + [
Undo End AB Repeat Shift + ]
Always On Top Ctrl + A
On Top While Playing Ctrl + T
Close Alt + F4
Frame Step F
Refresh Skins Ctrl + R
Preferences F5
Playing File Information Ctrl + F1
Use Frame Skip Shift + ‘

With the above list of GOM Player shortcuts, I hope you would be able to use GOM Player more efficiently and faster. Get familiar with these media player shortcuts within a few minutes. These tools boost expert-level features like looping, voice adjustment, setting up bookmarks, etc.

GOM multimedia player for Windows is the best alternative to VLC. Checkout for VLC keyboard shortcuts GOM Player has the best user-friendly interface and high performance which supports a wide array of audio/video formats.


What is GOM Player?

GOM Player is a popular media player for Windows that supports various video and audio formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, and more.

Is GOM Player free?

Yes, GOM Player is free to download and use.

Can GOM Player play DVDs?

Yes, GOM Player can play DVDs.

Can GOM Player play 4K videos?

Yes, GOM Player can play 4K videos.

Can GOM Player play subtitles?

Yes, GOM Player can play subtitles and has options to customize subtitle settings, including font, size, color, and more.

Can GOM Player play online videos?

Yes, GOM Player has a feature called GOM Remote that allows you to play online videos from your PC to your mobile device or vice versa.

Does GOM Player have ads?

Yes, GOM Player displays ads, but you can remove them by purchasing the ad-free version.


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