30 Ubuntu Shortcuts for Linux

List of Ubuntu Shortcuts

Learn Ubuntu Shortcuts for Linux

Most used Ubuntu Shortcuts

Action Ubuntu Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste Ctrl + Shift + V
New terminal window Ctrl + Shift + N
New terminal tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Kill the current process Ctrl + Z
Reverse search Ctrl + R
Delete line Ctrl + U
Delete the word Ctrl + W
Undo erased content Ctrl + Y
Clear console Ctrl + L
Close terminal Ctrl + D
Previously executed command Ctrl + P
Next executed command Ctrl + N
Enter Ctrl + J
Open terminal Ctrl + Alt + T
Close all Ctrl + Shift + Q
Maximize Super + RowUp
Minimize Super + RowDown
Find Ctrl + Shift + F
Capitalizes the word next to the cursor Alt + C
To get suggestions Tab
Move forward Alt + F
Move one word backward Alt + B
Browse commands Up Up Arrow key
Browse commands Down Down Arrow key
Scroll up through the console Shift + Page Up key
Scroll down through the console Shift + Page Down key
Switch to the left tab Ctrl + Page Up key
Switch to the right tab Ctrl + Page Down key
Move the current tab to left Ctrl + Shift + Page Up key
Move the current tab to the right Ctrl + Shift + Page Down key

Download Ubuntu Shortcuts PDF

Download Ubuntu Shortcuts PDF


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