30 Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

for Linux

Ubuntu Shortcuts will be mostly practiced on Linux-based operating systems like laptops and desktops in order to avoid the repetitive tasks needed to be done by mouse. Ubuntu is considered one of the leading operating systems. You will quickly learn to navigate around using the Ubuntu Shortcuts because of the fact that it is easy to use and user-friendly.

Download Ubuntu Shortcut Keys PDF

Using shortcuts will definitely make your life easier, comfortable and allow you to get your work done faster and accurately. And therefore keyboard shortcuts are undeniable. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of the must-know and most-used Ubuntu Shortcuts. A downloadable PDF format of the Ubuntu Shortcuts list is available.

Most used Ubuntu Shortcuts

Action Ubuntu Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste Ctrl + Shift + V
New terminal window Ctrl + Shift + N
New terminal tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Kill the current process Ctrl + Z
Reverse search Ctrl + R
Delete line Ctrl + U
Delete the word Ctrl + W
Undo erased content Ctrl + Y
Clear Console Ctrl + L
Close Terminal Ctrl + D
Previously executed command Ctrl + P
Next executed command Ctrl + N
Enter Ctrl + J
Open terminal Ctrl + Alt + T
Close all Ctrl + Shift + Q
Maximize Super + RowUp
Minimize Super + RowDown
Find Ctrl + Shift + F
Capitalize the word next to the cursor Alt + C
To get suggestions Tab
Move forward Alt + F
Move one word backward Alt + B
Browse commands Up Up Arrow key
Browse commands Down Down Arrow key
Scroll up through the console Shift + Page Up key
Scroll down through the console Shift + Page Down key
Switch to the left tab Ctrl + Page Up key
Switch to the right tab Ctrl + Page Down key
Move the current tab to the left Ctrl + Shift + Page Up key
Move the current tab to the right Ctrl + Shift + Page Down key

The best Ubuntu alternative is Linux Mint. Linux Mint and Deepin are the most popular desktop operating systems used by millions of people. Let’s be in possession of Linux Mint Shortcuts and Deepin Shortcuts.


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