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45 Maxthon Keyboard Shortcuts – Maxthon 6

download maxthon shortcut keys pdf

Maxthon with its new update has added cooler Maxthon Shortcuts that make it even more ease-of-use. They have an award-winning feature and some awesome speed through which you can web the browser with greater convenience and with even greater peace of mind. Just like Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, Maxthon Cloud is one of the best browsing applications from the hundreds of other available web browsing applications.

Download Maxthon Shortcuts PDF

So, now below given is the list of Maxthon Shortcuts to navigate within the web browser. These shortcuts are inbuilt which makes browsing faster and more effective if you have proper knowledge of it. Maxthon Cloud Browser is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Download the Maxthon Shortcuts in PDF format.

Most used Maxthon Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Open a URL Ctrl + L
Open a new window Ctrl + N
Open a new blank window F1
Open the home page in a new tab Ctrl + Shift + H
Open a URL from the clipboard in a new tab Ctrl + Shift + N
Save as Ctrl + S
Save HTML Alt + S
Autosave Ctrl + Alt + S
Close the current tab Ctrl + W
Close all tabs Ctrl + Shift + W
Close all tabs except the current one Ctrl + K
Refresh F5
Refresh all tabs Shift + F5

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Switch tabs Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Previous tab F2
Next tab F3
Switch tabs Ctrl + Tab
Switch tabs in the reverse order Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Display pages 1 … 10 Ctrl + 1 … 0

Go To Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Back Alt + Left Arrow key
Forward Alt + Right Arrow key
Home Alt + Home

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Search Bar Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Move focus to the Search bar and highlight keywords Ctrl + Shift + F
Search keywords using multiple engines Shift + Enter
Toggle highlighting of search keywords on the active page Ctrl + Enter
Hide favorite bar Ctrl + B

Zoom Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Zoom Page 100% Ctrl + *
Zoom Page +20% Ctrl + +
Zoom Page -20% Ctrl + –

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Ad Hunter Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Send to the filter list Ctrl + Q
Toggle the popup filter Alt + I
Toggle the auto popup filter Alt + P
Toggle the content filter Alt + C

Forms Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Save the current form of data Alt + 1
Save the current form data as default Alt + 2
Fill in the current form Alt + Q

Others Shortcuts

Action Maxthon Shortcut keys
Open the Collector Ctrl + G
Add to Favorites Ctrl + D
Tile windows vertically Ctrl + T
Toggle the main Menu bar Ctrl + F11
Move focus to the Address bar & select the current URL Alt + D
Move focus to the Address bar & open the URL list F4
Hide or Show Maxthon Alt + ‘
View the links list on the current page Alt + L
Lock the current tab Alt + X
Reopen the last closed tab Alt + Z

Maxthon is the extended feature for the well-known browser Internet Explorer. A list of Internet Explorer Shortcuts too has been listed on our website, have a look. I would just say the Maxthon installation will enhance your browsing.



Is the Maxthon browser free?

Maxthon Cloud Browser is a FREE web browser. You can use a multi-core processor design with help of Webkit and Trident.

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