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download google docs shortcuts pdf

Did you use Google Docs shortcuts while working in Google Docs? Or you still work in an old-fashioned way by using the mouse. Google Docs Shortcuts will shorten the time spent on everyday actions.

List of Google Docs Shortcuts

The below Google Docs Shortcuts list performs the same function in Windows and Mac devices, but the actual keys you need to press differ depending upon the device. Download Google Docs Shortcuts in PDF form.

Download Google Docs Shortcuts PDF

Most Used Google Docs Shortcuts

Action Google Docs Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste without formatting Ctrl + Shift + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Insert or edit the link Ctrl + K
Open link Alt + Enter
Save Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
Open Ctrl + O
Find Ctrl + F
Find and replace Ctrl + H
Find again Ctrl + G
Find previous Ctrl + Shift + G
Insert page break Ctrl + Enter
Repeat the last action Ctrl + Y
Show common keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + /

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Text & Paragraph Formatting Shortcuts

Action Google Docs Shortcut keys
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Strikethrough Alt + Shift + 5
Superscript Ctrl + .
Subscript Ctrl + ,
Copy text formatting Ctrl + Alt + C
Paste text formatting Ctrl + Alt + V
Clear text formatting Ctrl + Spacebar
Increase font size Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease font size Ctrl + Shift + <
Increase paragraph indentation Ctrl + ]
Decrease paragraph indentation Ctrl + [
Apply normal text style Ctrl + Alt + 0
Apply heading style (1-6) Ctrl + Alt + 1…6
Left align Ctrl + Shift + L
Center align Ctrl + Shift + E
Right align Ctrl + Shift + R
Justify Ctrl + Shift + J
Numbered list Ctrl + Shift + 7
Bulleted list Ctrl + Shift + 8
Move paragraph up Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Move paragraph down Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key

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Text Selection Shortcuts

Action Google Docs Shortcut keys
Extend the selection of one character Shift + Left Arrow key
Extend selection one line Shift + Up Arrow key
Extend the selection to one word Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow key
Extend selection to the beginning of the line Shift + Home key
Extend selection to the end of the line Shift + End key
Extend selection to the beginning of the document Ctrl + Shift + Home
Extend selection to the end of the document Ctrl + Shift + End

Images Shortcuts

Action Google Docs Shortcut keys
Alt text Ctrl + Alt + Y
Resize larger Ctrl + Alt + K
Resize larger horizontally Ctrl + Alt + B
Resize larger vertically Ctrl + Alt + I
Resize smaller Ctrl + Alt + J
Resize smaller horizontally Ctrl + Alt + W
Resize smaller vertically Ctrl + Alt + Q
Rotate clockwise by 15° Alt + Right Arrow key
Rotate counterclockwise by 15° Alt + Left Arrow key
Rotate counterclockwise by 1° Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Rotate clockwise by 1° Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Close drawing editor Shift + Esc

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Others Shortcuts

Action Google Docs Shortcut keys
Insert comment Ctrl + Alt + M
Insert footnote Ctrl + Alt + F
Open spelling F7
Open dictionary Ctrl + Shift + Y
Word count Ctrl + Shift + C
Start voice typing Ctrl + Shift + S

The above Google Docs shortcuts list might have made your life a bit easier. Hence, making them your best friend is the best option to have to get things wrapped up quickly for the day. Another application other than Google Docs that Google provides is Google Sheets. Have a look at a list of Google Sheet Shortcuts.


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