72 Tally Shortcut keys – Tally Prime Shortcut keys (ERP 9)

download tally shortcut keys pdf

Draw your attention to Tally Shortcut keys to operate, journalize and report financial statements. These shortcuts will help to interpret and take decisions on financial statements. Tally shortcut keys will help you work faster, with easy navigation, report viewing, easy printing, import-export of data, etc. Download Tally software into your system.

List of Tally Shortcut keys

Below is the list of Tally Shortcut keys organized more easily, even for a newbie. This list of shortcuts has been consistent for years. Download Tally Shortcut keys PDF.

Download Tally Shortcut keys PDF

Most used Tally Shortcut keys

Action Tally ERP 9 Shortcuts
Change the Date F2
Change the Period of a Report Alt + F2
Select the Company from the list F3
Open Company Features Menu F11
Open Configuration Screen F12
Print the current screen Alt + P
Export the details in ASCII, Excel, HTML, or XML format Alt + E
Send the details of a report in Email Alt + M
View the reports in automatic columns Alt + N
Upload the report to your website Alt + O
Open Tally Shop Ctrl + S
Change the display language in UI Alt + G
Change the input language in UI Alt + K
Login to Control Center Ctrl + K
Open the Support Center Ctrl + H
Help Alt + H
Exit screen without saving Ctrl + Q
Accept the screen & Save the information Ctrl + A
Delete Alt + D
Check Company Statutory Report Ctrl + Alt + B
View the Voucher display Alt + Enter
Import Statutory Masters Ctrl + Alt + I
Main Tally Area Ctrl + M
Open Stock Query Alt + S
Open Material IN Voucher Ctrl + W
Open Material OUT Voucher Ctrl + J
Duplicate Voucher Alt + 2
Add Voucher Alt + A

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Inventory Voucher Tally Shortcuts

Action Tally ERP 9 Shortcuts
Sales Order Alt + F5
Purchase Order Alt + F4
Receipt Note Alt + F9
Delivery Note Alt + F8
Rejection IN Ctrl + F6
Rejection OUT Alt + F6
Stock Journal Alt + F7
Physical Stock Voucher Alt + F10

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Gateway of Tally Shortcuts

Action Tally Shortcuts
Select and load a company F1
Close Current Company Alt + F1
Company Info Screen Alt + F3
Connect Company to the Tally.NET server F4
Disconnect Company to the Tally.NET server Alt + F4
Synchronize company data Alt + O
Products and Features screen Ctrl + Alt + T
License and Services screen Ctrl + Alt + L
Configuration Information screen Ctrl + Alt + F
Rewrite data for a Company Ctrl + Alt + R
Close Tally.ERP 9 application Ctrl + Q
Open the Calculator Ctrl + N

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Accounting Voucher Shortcuts

Action Tally ERP 9 Shortcuts
Contra Entry F4
Payment Entry F5
Receipt Entry F6
Journal Entry F7
Sales Entry F8
Purchase F9
Reversing Journal F10
Credit Note Ctrl + F8
Debit Note Ctrl + F9
Memorandum Voucher Ctrl + F10

Voucher Entries Shortcuts

Action Tally Shortcut keys
Delete Esc
Delete a Voucher Alt + D
Delete a Master Alt + D
Create a Master Alt + C
Cancel a Voucher Alt + X
Accept a form Ctrl + A
Toggle between invoice and voucher Ctrl + V
Insert a voucher Alt + I
Create duplicate a voucher Alt + 2

Tally GST Shortcuts

Action Tally Shortcut keys
Statutory Adjustment voucher Alt + J
Statutory Payment voucher Alt + S
Open GST Portal Ctrl + O
Export Return Ctrl + E
View accepted as it is Ctrl + A

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What is the purpose of Alt F4 in Tally?

Alt + F4, Tally shortcut key will let you select the Purchase Order Voucher Type.

What is the use of Alt F1 in Tally?

Alt + F1 shortcut key in Tally will make you go to Inventory Voucher Creation Section to see a detailed or condensed report. In Tally prime, the Alt + F1 shortcut key is used to shut the currently loaded companies.

What is Gateway of Tally?

Basically, Gateway of Tally is where everything starts and ends in Tally. Before starting with any work in Tally, you pass through the Gateway of Tally, and even after you end your work you pass through the Gateway of Tally.

What is journal voucher F7 in Tally?

Journal Voucher is where all rectification entries will be taking place. It is the most important voucher that is used to make all kinds of adjustment entries, credit purchase or sale entries, and fixed asset purchase entries. To make any Journal Entry you need to press the shortcut key F7 on the Gateway of Tally screen.

What is the function of F1 & F12 keys in Tally?

Tally, software for business accounting and inventory management. F1: Select a Company Select Inventory and Account Button and F12: Select or Open the Configure Screen

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