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for Windows

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File Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
New File Ctrl + N
Open File Ctrl + O
Close Buffer Ctrl + W
Close All Buffers Ctrl + E and Ctrl + W
Save Buffer Ctrl + Shift
Save All Buffers Ctrl + E and Ctrl + W
Print Buffer Ctrl + P
Go to Previous Buffer Ctrl + Page Up key
Go to Next Buffer Ctrl + Page Down key
Go to Recent Buffer Ctrl + `
Show Buffer Switcher Alt + `
Exit Jedit Ctrl + Q

Text Editing Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcut keys
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + E and Ctrl + Z
Delete Character Before Backspace
Delete Character After Delete
Delete Word After Ctrl + Delete
Delete Word Before Ctrl + Backspace
Delete Line Ctrl + D
Delete Paragraph Ctrl + E and D
Delete from caret to End Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Delete from caret to Beginning Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Remove Trailing Whitespaces Ctrl + E and R
Join Lines Ctrl + J
Complete Word Ctrl + B
Format Paragraph/Selection Ctrl + E and F

Search and Replace Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Open Search and Replace Dialog Ctrl + F
Find Next Ctrl + G
Find Previous Ctrl + H
Search in Open Buffers Ctrl + E and Ctrl + B
Search in Directory Ctrl + E and Ctrl + D
Replace in Selection Ctrl + E and Ctrl + R
Replace in Selection and Find Next Ctrl + E and Ctrl + G
Incremental Search Bar Ctrl + ,
HyperSearch Bar Alt + ,
Search bar for Current Ctrl + .
HyperSearch for Current World Alt + .
Toggle Ignore Case Ctrl + E and Ctrl + I
Toggle Regular Expression Ctrl + E and Ctrl + X

Selecting Text Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Extend Selection 1 char/line Shift + Arrow keys
Extend Selection 1 word/Paragraph Ctrl + Shift + Arrow keys
Extend Selection 1 Screen Shift + Page Up /Page Down key
Extend Selection Line Begin Shift + Home
Extend Selection Line End Shift + End
Select Code Block Ctrl + [
Select Word Ctrl + E and W
Select Line Ctrl + E and L
Select Paragraph Ctrl + E and P
Select Line Range Ctrl + E and Ctrl + L
Select all Ctrl + Alt
Select None Esc
Switch Range/Rectangle Mode Alt + \
Invert Selection Ctrl + E and I

View Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Turn the Gutter On/Off Ctrl + E and Ctrl + T
Remove Current Split Ctrl + 0
Remove All Split Ctrl + 1
Split View Horizontally Ctrl + 2
Split View Vertically Ctrl + 4
Focus Previous Text Area Alt + Page Up key
Focus Next Text Area Alt + Page Down key
Focus Top/Left/..Docking Area Ctrl + E and Ctrl + Arrow keys
Close-Focused Docking Area Ctrl + E and Ctrl + `

Moving the Caret Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Move caret 1 char/line Arrow keys
Move caret 1 word/paragraph Ctrl + Arrow keys
1st Non-space Character Home
Last Non-space Character End
Go to Matching Bracket Ctrl + ]
Go to Previous/Next Bracket Ctrl + E and Ctrl + ;
Go to Line Number Ctrl + 1

Action Bar Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Display Action Bar Ctrl + Enter
Repeat Last Editor Action Ctrl + Spacebar

Clipboard and Register Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut append Ctrl + E and Ctrl + U
Copy Append Ctrl + E and Ctrl + A
Paste Ctrl + V
Vertically Paste Clipboard Ctrl + E and Ctrl + P
Cut Selected text to Register Ctrl + R and Ctrl + X
Copy Selected text to Register Ctrl + R and Ctrl + C
Append Cut text to Register Ctrl + R and Ctrl + U
Append Copy to Register Ctrl + R and Ctrl + A
Paste Contents to Register Ctrl + R and Ctrl + V
Vertically Paste Register Ctrl + R and Ctrl + P

Folding and Narrowing Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Collapse Fold Alt + Backspace
Expand Fold One Level Alt + Enter
Expand Fold Fully Alt + Shift + Enter
Expand All Fold Ctrl + E and X
Select Fold Ctrl + E and S
Add Explicit Fold Ctrl + E and A
Expands Folds with Level Ctrl + E and Enter
Narrow to Selection Ctrl + E and N then S
Narrow to Fold Ctrl + E and N then N
Move caret to the Previous Fold Alt + Up Arrow key
Move caret to Next Fold Alt + Down Arrow key
Move Caret to Parent Fold Ctrl + E and U

Macros Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Record Macro Ctrl + M and Ctrl + R
Record Temporary Macro Ctrl + M and Ctrl + M
Stop Recording Ctrl + M and Ctrl + S
Run Temporary Macro Ctrl + M and Ctrl + P

Source Code Editing Shortcuts

Action jEdit Shortcuts
Expand Abbreviation Ctrl + ;
Shift Current Line Right Alt + Right Arrow key
Shift Current Line Left Alt + Left Arrow key
Shift Selected Line Right Tab
Shift Selected Line Left Shift + Tab
Indent Current Line Ctrl + I
Range Comment Selection Ctrl + E and Ctrl + C
Line Comment Selection Ctrl + E and Ctrl + K


What is jEdit?

jEdit is a free and open-source text editor written in Java. It is designed for programmers and developers and offers features like syntax highlighting, code folding, and extensibility through plugins.

Are there any commonly used shortcuts in jEdit?

Yes, here are some commonly used shortcuts in jEdit:

  • Ctrl+N: Create a new file.
  • Ctrl+O: Open an existing file.
  • Ctrl+S: Save the current file.
  • Ctrl+Z: Undo the last action.
  • Ctrl+Y: Redo the last undone action.
  • Ctrl+C: Copy the selected text.
  • Ctrl+V: Paste the copied text.
  • Ctrl+X: Cut the selected text.
  • Ctrl+F: Find text within the file.
  • Ctrl+H: Replace text within the file.


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