69 Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts for Windows users

Working with Illustrator becomes more comfortable when you learn Illustrator shortcuts. Because of its easy interface, you can learn it quickly. And learning illustrator shortcuts will be just like a cherry on the top. To download Illustrator for Windows devices, click here.

List of  Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts for Windows

Using keyboard shortcuts for repetitive actions can save your time and effort. Below is the list of Illustrator shortcuts for Windows users you can practically carry out to work effectively as well as efficiently.

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Function keys Illustrator Shortcuts

Action Illustrator Shortcuts Windows
Help F1
Copy F3
Paste F4
Cut F2
Show/hide Brushes panel F5
Show/hide Color panel F6
Show/hide Layers panel F7
Create a new symbol F8
Show/hide Info panel Ctrl + F8
Show/hide Gradient panel Ctrl + F9
Show/hide Stroke panel Ctrl + F10
Show/hide Attributes panel Ctrl + F11
Revert F12
Show/hide Graphic Styles panel Shift + F5
Show/hide Appearance panel Shift + F6
Show/hide Align panel Shift + F7
Show/hide Transform panel Shift + F8
Show/hide Pathfinder panel Shift + Ctrl + F9
Show/hide Transparency panel Shift + Ctrl + F10
Show/hide Symbols panel Shift + Ctrl + F11
Show/hide the perspective grid Ctrl + Shift + I

Selecting Tools Shortcuts

Action Illustrator Shortcuts Windows
Artboard Tool Shift + O
Selection tool V
Direct selection tool A
Magic Wand tool Y
Lasso tool Q
Pen tool P
Blob brush tool Shift + B
Add Anchor Point tool +
Convert Anchor Point tool Shift + C
Type tool T
Line segment tool \
Rectangle tool M
Ellipse tool I
Paintbrush tool B
Pencil tool N
Rotate tool R
Scale tool S
Wrap tool Shift + R
Width tool Shift + W
Free transform tool E
Shape builder tool Shift + M
Perspective grid tool Shift + P
Perspective selection tool Shift + V
Symbol sprayer tool Shift + S
Column graph tool J
Mesh tool U
Gradient tool G
Eyedropper tool I
Blend tool W
Slice tool Shift + K
Eraser tool Shift + E
Scissors tool C
Hand tool H
Zoom tool Z

Viewing Artwork Shortcuts

Action Illustrator Shortcut keys windows
Switch to Hand tool Spacebar
Switch to Zoom tool in magnify mode Ctrl + Spacebar
Switch to Zoom tool to reduce mode Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Hide unselected artwork Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 3
Exit Artboard tool mode Esc
Navigate to the next document Ctrl + F6
Navigate to the previous document Ctrl + Shift + F6
Navigate to the next document group Ctrl + Alt + F6
Navigate to the previous document group Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F6
Exit Full-Screen mode Esc

Painting Objects Shortcuts

Action Illustrator Shortcut keys Windows
Swap fill and stroke Shift + X
Select gradient fill mode >
Select color fill mode <
Select no stroke/fill mode /

Download Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts in PDF format

Download Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts PDF Windows

Download Adobe Illustrator Shortcut keys in Excel format

Download Illustrator Shortcuts Excel Windows

With the above list of Illustrator shortcut keys for Windows users, you can control things like creating a document, make quick selections, change the text size, select tools, etc. All these countless shortcuts will help you to create amazing and professional artwork. An alternative to Illustrator will be CorelDraw. Looking out for CorelDraw Shortcuts



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