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74 JupyterLab Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn JupyterLab Shortcuts for Windows

Main Area Shortcuts

Action JupyterLab Shortcut keys
Activate next tab Ctrl + Shift + ]
Activate the next tab bar Ctrl + Shift + .
Activate the previous tab Ctrl + Shift + [
Activate the previous tab bar Ctrl + Shift + ,
Close Alt + W
Toggle left area Ctrl + B
Toggle mode Ctrl + Shift + D
Activate command palette Ctrl + Shift + C
Print Ctrl + P
Activate the previously used tab Ctrl + Shift + ‘

File Operations Shortcuts

Action JupyterLab Shortcuts
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Highlight next Ctrl + G
Highlight previous Ctrl + Shift + G
Start Ctrl + F
Create the main launcher Ctrl + Shift + L
Toggle main Ctrl + Shift + F
Close and cleanup Ctrl + Shift + Q

Image Viewer Shortcuts

Action JupyterLab Shortcuts
Flip horizontal H
Flip vertical V
Invert colors I
Reset image 0
Rotate clockwise ]
Rotate counterclockwise [
Zoom in =
Zoom out

Notebook Cell Operations Shortcuts

Action JupterLab Shortcuts
Change cell to code Y
Change cell to heading 1 1
Change cell to heading 2 2
Change cell to heading 3 3
Change cell to heading 4 4
Change cell to heading 5 5
Change cell to heading 6 6
Change cell to markdown M
Change cell to raw R
Copy cell C
Cut cell X
Delete cell D then D
Enter command mode Esc
Enter edit mode Enter
Extend marked cells above Shift + Up Arrow key
Extend marked cells below Shift + Down Arrow key
Extend marked cells bottom Shift + End
Extend marked cells top Shift + Home
Insert cells above A
Insert cells below B
Merge cells Shift + M
Move cursor down Down Arrow key
Move cursor up Up Arrow key
Paste cell below V
Redo cell action Shift + Z
Run cell Ctrl + Enter
Run the cell and insert it below Alt + Enter
Run the cell and select the next Shift + Enter
Select all Ctrl + A
Split cell at cursor Ctrl + Shift + –
Toggle all cell line numbers Shift + L
Toggle cell line numbers L
Undo cell action Z

Tooltips Shortcuts

Action JupyterLab Shortcuts
Dismiss Esc
Launch console Shift +  Tab
Launch file Shift +  Tab
Launch notebook Shift +  Tab

Console Shortcuts

Action JupyterLab Shortcut Keys
Line break Enter
Run forced Shift + Enter
Run unforced Enter

Other JupyterLab Shortcuts

Action JupyterLab Shortcut keys
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Undo Ctrl + Z
Interrupt I then I
Restart 0 then 0
Run Shift + Enter
Open Ctrl + I
Open Ctrl + ,
Save Ctrl + S



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