68 Skype Shortcuts You Should Know

With Skype Shortcuts, you can easily allow group video calls, voice calls, create digital meetings, conference rooms and discuss over chats. To install Skype into Mac as well as Windows system, click here.

List of Skype Shortcuts

Amidst the lockdown, tools like Microsoft Team, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime have become a part of our routine work. Out of all, Skype is becoming everyone’s favorite tool. Hence, below is the list of Skype shortcuts to help you master it within a matter of a few minutes. Download the Skype Shortcuts in the form of PDF.

Most Used Skype Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Accept an incoming invite notification Win + Shift + O
Decline an invite notification Win + Esc
Mute or unmute audio Win + F4
Turn camera on or off Win + F5
Put the focus on the application sharing toolbar Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Open the main window Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 3
Take back control when sharing your screen Ctrl + Alt + Spacebar
Stop sharing your screen Ctrl + Shift + S

Conversation Window Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Accept any of the invite notifications Alt + C
Ignore any of the invite notifications Alt + L
Save as for files sent in Conversation Window Alt + S
Invite contact to an existing conversation Alt + V
Rejoin audio in a meeting Alt + R
Close the Conversation window Alt + F4
Save the contents of IM history Ctrl + S
Show or hide instant message area Ctrl + W
Send File Ctrl + F
Take Notes with OneNote Ctrl + N
Show or hide the participant list Ctrl + R
Navigate right to the next element in the Conversation window Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Right Arrow key
Navigate left to the next element in the Conversation window Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Left Arrow key
Add video or end video Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Add audio or end audio Ctrl + Enter
Hold or resume an ongoing audio conversation Ctrl + Shift + H
Mark conversation Important Ctrl + Shift + I
Show or hide the sharing stage Ctrl + Shift + Y
Switch to compact view Ctrl + Shift + P
Switch to content-only view Ctrl + Shift + K

Main Window Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Contacts list tab Ctrl + 1
Persistent chat tab Ctrl + 2
Conversation list tab Ctrl + 3
Phone tab Ctrl + 4
Open the System menu Alt + Spacebar
Open the File menu Alt + F
Start Meet Now Alt + M
Tools menu Alt + T
Help menu Alt + H

Contacts List Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Delete the selected custom group or contact Delete
Move the selected group up Alt + Up Arrow key
Move the selected group down Alt + Down Arrow key
Collapse or expand the selected group Spacebar

Instant Messaging Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Focus on your IM input area Ctrl + Shift + M
Add line break Shift + Enter
Select all content Ctrl + A
Bold Format Ctrl + B
Italic Format Ctrl + I
Underline Format Ctrl + U
Change Font Color Ctrl + Shift + F
Open a file that’s been received Alt + P
Decline a file that’s been sent Alt + D
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Save the IM conversation F12
Switch to Full Screen F5
Exit full-screen video Esc
Toggle Pop-Out Gallery Ctrl + Shift + O
Lock video for everyone in the meeting Ctrl + Shift + L

Meeting Stage Shortcuts

Action Skype Shortcuts
Stop sharing Alt + T
Manage presentable content Ctrl + Shift + E
Show or hide the sharing stage Ctrl + Shift + Y
Switch to speaker view Ctrl + Shift + J
Switch to the gallery view Ctrl + Shift + L

Call Control Shortcuts

Action Skype Business Shortcuts
Display the Dial pad Ctrl + Shift + D
End a call Alt + Q
Put a call on hold Ctrl + Shift + H

Download Skype Business Shortcuts PDF for Windows User

After looking at the above Skype Shortcuts, I think you must look at Microsoft Team Shortcuts. It, too, has gained importance over time and can be a good alternative to Skype. It’s upon you to decide whether you want to be efficient while using Skype or not.



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