92 AutoDesk Maya Shortcuts You Should Know

download maya shortcut keys pdf

Becoming familiar with some Maya shortcuts will help you to transform your ideas effectively in Maya. Autodesk Maya is a very complex software, and a versatile 3D artist would dare to work with it. Learning any software’s shortcuts is vital while working on it. Download and Install Autodesk Maya on your device.

Download Autodesk Maya Shortcut keys PDF

Using the Autodesk Maya shortcuts and the mouse allows you to work faster and add more productivity to your work. Below is the list of Maya shortcuts for Windows users. Download the Maya Shortcuts in the form of a PDF.

Download Autodesk Maya Shortcuts PDF

File Shortcuts

Action Autodesk Maya Shortcuts
New Scene Ctrl + N
Open Scene Ctrl + O
Save Scene Ctrl + S
Save Scene As Ctrl + Shift + S
Exit Ctrl + Q
Create File Reference Ctrl + R

Edit Shortcuts

Action Maya Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Repeat the last action G
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Duplicate Special Ctrl + Shift + D
Duplicate with Transform Shift + D
Group Ctrl + G
Parent P
Unparent Shift + P

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View Shortcuts

Action Maya Shortcut keys
Show all A
Show selected F
Rough display 1
Medium display 2
Smooth display 3
Wireframe display 4
Shaded display 5
Shaded and textured display 6
Display with lights 7

General Tools Shortcuts

Action Maya Shortcut keys
Complete current tool Enter
Enter tool Edit mode Insert
Select Tool Alt + Q
Move Tool W
Rotate Tool E
Scale Tool R

Interface Shortcuts

Action Maya Shortcut keys
Switches between Attribute Editor Ctrl + A
Frame All in the active panel A
Frame All in all views Shift + A
Frame Selected in the active panel F
Frame Selected in all views Shift + F
Redo view change ]
Undo View Change [
Switch between the active window Spacebar
Switch between the standard view Ctrl + Spacebar
Switch between a gradient, black & Background color Alt + B
View the previous layout Shift + {
View next layout Shift + }
Help F1
Show or hide the main menu bar Ctrl + M
Show or hide panel menu bar Shift + M
Show or hide panel toolbar Ctrl + Shift + M
Show Animation menu set F2
Show Polygons menu set F3
Show Modeling menu set F4
Show Dynamics menu set F5
Show Rendering menu set F6
Default Hotbox Style Alt + M

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Display Hotkey Shortcuts

Action Autodesk Maya Shortcuts
Hide Selection Ctrl + H
Show Selection Shift + H
Show Last Hidden Ctrl + Shift + H
Hide Unselected Objects Alt + H
Show Isolate Select Shift + L
Default quality 0
Rough quality 1
Medium quality 2
Smooth quality 3
Shading – Wireframe 4
Lighting – Use All Lights 7

Painting Operation Shortcuts

Action Maya Shortcut keys
Flood with the current value Alt + F
Turn Show Wireframe on or off Alt + A
Turn Color Feedback on or off Alt + C
Toggle Reflection on or off Alt + R
Modify upper brush radius B
Modify lower brush radius Shift + B
Edit Paint Effects template brush settings Ctrl + B
Modify maximum displacement M
Modify paint value N
Switch to pick color mode /
Open Paint Effects panel 8

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Selection Shortcuts

Action Maya Keyboard Shortcut
Object/Component F8
Vertex F9
Edge F10
Face F11
UV F12
Select the next intermediate object Ctrl + I
Vertex Face Alt + F9
Grow polygon selection region >
Shrink polygon selection region <

Playback Control Shortcuts

Action Maya Shortcut keys
Move forward one frame in time Alt + .
Move backward one frame in time Alt + ,
Go to the Next key .
Go to the Previous key ,
Turn Playback on or off Alt + V
Go to Min Frame Alt + Shift + V

Above were Maya shortcuts that will help optimize animation, motion graphics, virtual reality, and characters. Blender acts as an alternative to Autodesk Maya. Hence, you must check out Blender Shortcuts.



What does Ctrl + G do in Maya?

The Ctrl + G Maya Shortcut key lets you group in Maya.

What does F do in Maya?

The F shortcut key in AutoCAD focuses on the object selected from the scene. If nothing is selected then it focuses on the entire scene.

What are hotkeys in Maya?

A quick glance through the Maya hotkeys are: Select Tools: Alt + Q or Switch between Attribute Editor: Ctrl + A & Many more.

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