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102 IDA Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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File Operations Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcuts
Parse C header file Ctrl + F9
Create ASM file Alt + F10
Save Ctrl + W

Navigation Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcuts
Jump to operand Enter
Jump in a new window Alt + Enter
Jump to the previous position Esc
Jump to the next position Ctrl + Enter
Jump to address G
Jump by name Ctrl + L
Jump to function Ctrl + P
Jump to pseudocode Tab
Jump to segment Ctrl + S
Jump to the segment register Ctrl + G
Jump to problem Ctrl + Q
List cross-references to Ctrl + X
Jump to xref to operand X
Jump to entry point Ctrl + E
Mark position Alt + M
Jump to the marked position Ctrl + M
Error operand Ctrl + F

Search Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcuts
Next code Alt + C
Next date Ctrl + D
Next explored Ctrl + A
Next unexplored Ctrl + U
Immediate value Alt + I
Next immediate value Ctrl + I
Text Alt + T
Next text Ctrl + T
Sequence of bytes Alt + B
Next sequence of bytes Ctrl + B

Edit Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcut keys
Rename N
Enter repeatable comment ;
Enter comment :
Begin selection Alt + L
Code C
Data D
Struct var Alt + Q
String A
Array *
Undefine U
Enter anterior lines Insert
Enter exterior lines Shift + Insert
Offset (data segment) O
Offset (current segment) Ctrl + O
Offset by (any segment) Alt + R
Offset (user-defined) Ctrl + R
Offset (struct) T
Number (default) #
Hexadecimal Q
Decimal H
Binary B
Character R
Segment S
Enum member M
Stack variable K
Change sign _
Bitwise negate ~
String literals Alt + A
Setup data types Alt + D
Edit segment Alt + S
Change segment register value Alt + G
Struct var Alt + Q
Select union member Alt + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z

Open Subviews Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcuts
Local types Shift + F1
Functions Shift + F3
Names Shift + F4
Signatures Shift + F5
Segments Shift + F7
Segment registers Shift + F8
Structures Shift + F9
Enumerations Shift + F10
Type libraries Shift + F11
Strings Shift + F12

Function Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcuts
Create function P
Edit function Alt + P
Set function end E
Stack variables Ctrl + K
Change stack pointer Alt + K
Rename register V
Set type Y

Lumina Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcut keys
Pull all metadata F12
Push all metadata Ctrl + F12
View all metadata Alt + F12

Debugger Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcut keys
Add breakpoint F2
Start process F9
Terminate process Ctrl + F2
Step into F7
Step over F8
Run until return Ctrl + F7
Run to cursor F4
Breakpoint list Ctrl + Alt + B
Stack trace Ctrl + Alt + S

Graphing Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcut keys
Flow chart F12
Function calls Ctrl + F12

Other IDA Pro Shortcuts

Action IDA Pro Shortcut keys
Calculator ?
Windows list (next) Ctrl + Tab
Switch to Windows 1 – 9 Alt + 1 – 9
Close window Alt + F3
Script command Shift + F2
Exit Alt + X



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