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25 Adobe Bridge Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & MacOS

The Adobe Bridge shortcuts will help you and your team to keep files updated and organized. Adobe Bridge CC is a free digital asset management software and a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. The ones that use this software the most will only know its importance and those ones are photographers, graphic artists, and many other creative professionals.

Download Adobe Bridge Shortcuts PDF

Managing Photos is not the only role that Adobe Bridge plays. Learn the below list of Adobe Bridge Shortcuts for Windows & Mac users to easily create content for print, web, and video. Download this list of Adobe Bridge Shortcut keys in the form of a PDF.

Most used Adobe Bridge Shortcuts

Action Adobe Bridge Shortcuts Windows Adobe Bridge Shortcuts Mac
Show or Hide Panels Tab Tab
Next View Ctrl + \ Command + \
Previous View Ctrl + Shift + \ Command + Shift + \
Switch between 0 and 1 Star Rating Ctrl + ‘ Command + ‘
Increase Thumbnail size Ctrl + + Command + +
Decrease Thumbnail size Ctrl + – Command + –
Step Thumbnail Size Up Ctrl + Shift + + Command + Shift + +
Step Thumbnail Size Down Ctrl + Shift + – Command + Shift + –
Move Up a Folder in the Panel or Row Up Arrow key Up Arrow key
Move Down a Folder in the Panel or Row Down Arrow key Down Arrow key
Move Up a level in the Folders Panel Ctrl + Up Arrow key Command + Up Arrow key
Move Left one item Left Arrow key Left Arrow key
Move Right one item Right Arrow key Right Arrow key
Move to the First Item Home key Home key
Move to the Last Item End key End key
Refresh Contents Panel F5 F5
Rename Next Tab Tab
Rename Previous Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Clear Filters Ctrl + Alt + A Command + Option + A
Select Inverse in the Filter Panel Alt + Click Option + Click
Zoom in with Loupe Tool Ctrl + + Command + +
Zoom out with Loupe Tool Ctrl + – Command + –
Open Disclosure Triangle in Keywords Panel Ctrl + Right Arrow key Command + Right Arrow key
Close Disclosure Triangle in Keywords Panel Ctrl + Left Arrow key Command + Left Arrow key
Help F1 F1

Do not underestimate Adobe Bridge. It is an accomplished solution to the problem and very powerful software. You can also have a look at the list of shortcuts of other Adobe families. Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts, Adobe Fireworks Shortcuts, Adobe Flash Shortcuts, Adobe Reader Shortcuts, Adobe XD Shortcuts, etc.


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