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130 RStudio Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Console Shortcuts

Action RStudio Shortcut Keys
Move the cursor to Console Ctrl + 2
Clear Console Ctrl + L
Move the cursor to the beginning of the line Home
Move the cursor to the end of the line End
Navigate command history Up & Down Arrow key
Popup command history Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Interrupt currently executing the command Esc
Change working directory Ctrl + Shift + H

Source Shortcuts

Action RStudio Shortcuts
Goto File/Function Ctrl + .
Move the cursor to Source Editor Ctrl + 1
New document (except on Chrome/Windows) Ctrl + Shift + N
New document (Chrome only) Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
Open Document Ctrl + O
Save active document Ctrl + S
Close active document (except on Chrome) Ctrl + W
Close active documents (Chrome only) Ctrl + Alt + W
Close all open documents Ctrl + Shift + W
Preview HTML (Markdown and HTML) Ctrl + Shift + K
Knit Document (knitr) Ctrl + Shift + K
Compile Notebook Ctrl + Shift + K
Compile PDF (TeX and Sweave) Ctrl + Shift + K
Insert chunk (Sweave and Knitr) Ctrl + Alt + I
Insert code section Ctrl + Shift + R
Run current line/selection Ctrl + Enter
Run current line/selection (retain cursor position) Alt + Enter
Re-run previous region Ctrl + Shift + P
Run current document Ctrl + Alt + R
Run from document beginning to the current line Ctrl + Alt + B
Run from current line to document end Ctrl + Alt + E
Run the current function definition Ctrl + Alt + F
Run the current code section Ctrl + Alt + T
Run previous Sweave/Rmd code Ctrl + Alt + P
Run the current Sweave/Rmd chunk Ctrl + Alt + C
Run the next Sweave/Rmd chunk Ctrl + Alt + N
Source a file Ctrl + Shift + O
Source the current document Ctrl + Shift + S
Source the current document (with echo) Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Fold Selected Alt + L
Unfold Selected Shift + Alt + L
Fold All Alt + O
Unfold All Shift + Alt + O
Go to line Shift + Alt + G
Jump to Shift + Alt + J
Switch to tab Ctrl + Shift + .
Previous tab Ctrl + F11
Next tab Ctrl + F12
First tab Ctrl + Shift + F11
Last tab Ctrl + Shift + F12
Navigate back Ctrl + F9
Navigate forward Ctrl + F10
Extract function from selection Ctrl + Alt + X
Extract variable from the selection Ctrl + Alt + V
Reindent lines Ctrl + I
Comment/uncomment current line/selection Ctrl + Shift + C
Reflow Comment Ctrl + Shift + /
Reformat Selection Ctrl + Shift + A
Show Diagnostics Ctrl + Shift + Alt + P
Move Lines Up Alt + Up Arrow key
Move Lines Down Alt + Down Arrow key
Copy Lines Up Shift + Alt + Up Arrow key
Copy Lines Down Shift + Alt + Down Arrow key
Jump to Matching Brace/Paren Ctrl + P
Expand to Matching Brace/Paren Ctrl + Shift + E
Select Matching Brace/Paren Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E
Add Cursor Above the Current Cursor Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow key
Add Cursor Below Current Cursor Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow key
Move the Active Cursor Up Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key
Move the Active Cursor Down Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key
Find and Replace Ctrl + F
(Windows) Find Next F3
(Linux) Find Next Ctrl + G
(Windows) Find Previous Shift + F3
(Linux) Find Previous Ctrl + Shift + G
Use Selection for Find Ctrl + F3
Replace and Find Ctrl + Shift + J
Find in Files Ctrl + Shift + F
Check Spelling F7

Editing Shortcuts

Action RStudio Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Select All Ctrl + A
Jump to Word Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow key
Jump to Start Ctrl + Home
Jump to End Ctrl + End
Delete Line Ctrl + D
Select Shift + Up Arrow key
Select Word Ctrl + Shift + Left & Right Arrow key
Select Line Start Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Select Line End Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Select Page Up Shift + Page Up key
Select Page Down Shift + Page Down key
Select to Start Ctrl + Shift + Home
Select to End Ctrl + Shift + End
Delete Word Left Ctrl + Backspace
(at beginning of line) Indent Tab
Outdent Shift + Tab
Yank line up to the cursor Ctrl + U
Yank line after the cursor Ctrl + K
Insert currently yanked text Ctrl + Y
Insert assignment operator Alt + –
Insert pipe operator Ctrl + Shift + M
Show help for function at the cursor F1
Show source code for function at the cursor F2
Find usages for symbol at cursor (C++) Ctrl + Alt + U

Views Shortcuts

Action RStudio Shortcut keys
Move focus to Source Editor Ctrl + 1
Move focus to the Console Ctrl + 2
Move focus to Help Ctrl + 3
Show History Ctrl + 4
Show Files Ctrl + 5
Show Plots Ctrl + 6
Show Packages Ctrl + 7
Show Environment Ctrl + 8
Show Git/SVN Ctrl + 9
Show Build Ctrl + 0
Sync Editor & PDF Preview Ctrl + F8
Show Keyboard Shortcut Reference Alt + Shift + K

Build Shortcuts

Action RStudio Shortcuts
Build and Reload Ctrl + Shift + B
Load All (dev tools) Ctrl + Shift + L
Test Package (Desktop) Ctrl + Shift + T
Test Package (Web) Ctrl + Alt + F7
Check Package Ctrl + Shift + E
Toggle Breakpoint Ctrl + Shift + D

Debug Shortcuts

Action RStudio Shortcuts
Toggle Breakpoint Shift + F9
Execute Next Line F10
Step Into Function Shift + F4
Finish Function/Loop Shift + F6
Continue Shift + F5
Stop Debugging Shift + F8



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