101 PDF-XChange Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn PDF-XChange Editor Shortcuts for Windows

Most used PDF-XChange Editor Shortcuts

Action PDF-XChange Editor Shortcuts
Set the zoom level to 100% and show document pages at their actual size Ctrl + 1
Add Bookmark Ctrl + Shift + B
Align text to the left Ctrl + L
Align text to the right Ctrl + R
Show/Hide the Attachments pane Ctrl + Shift + A
Enable/Disable the auto-scroll feature Ctrl + Shift + H
Navigate Backward Alt + Left Arrow key
Make the selected text bold Ctrl + B
Show/Hide the Bookmarks pane Ctrl + B
Create a new scale for use with the measurement tools Ctrl + Shift + C
Center selected text Ctrl + E
Close the active document Ctrl + W
Show/Hide the Comments pane Ctrl + M
Launch online manual F1
Copy the selection to the clipboard Ctrl + C
Create a new document Ctrl + N
Crop page Ctrl + Shift + T
Cut Ctrl + X
Delete Delete
Delete pages Ctrl + Shift + D
Demote Bookmarks Alt + Right Arrow key
Promote bookmark Alt + Left Arrow key
Show/Hide the Document Info Bar Ctrl + Alt + I
Document Properties Ctrl + D
Edit Code Snippets Ctrl + J
Edit/create form fields Ctrl + Shift + 7
(hold) Enable Hand Tool Temporarily Spacebar
Enable Snapping Ctrl + Shift + ;
Enable/Disable exclusive mode for the active tool Ctrl + G then Ctrl + E
Exit Ctrl + Q
Extract pages Ctrl + Shift + E
Show/Hide the Fields pane Ctrl + I
Find Ctrl + F
Go to the first page Home
Fit page to the window Ctrl + 0
Fit visible: Fit the active page(s) according to width and exclude white margins Ctrl + 3
Fit width: Fit the active page(s) according to width and include white margins Ctrl + 2
Navigate forward Alt + Right Arrow key
View the document in full-screen F11
Go to the selected bookmark Spacebar
Move to the selected bookmark Spacebar
Go to the next found item F3
Go to page Ctrl + Shift + N
Go to the previously found item Shift + F3
Hide all comments Ctrl + Shift + 8
Highlight required form fields Ctrl + Alt + H
Insert pages Ctrl + Shift + I
Invert selection *
Italic Ctrl + I
Justify text Ctrl + J
Go to the last page End
Show/Hide the Layers pane Ctrl + L
Show/Hide the Menu Toolbar F9
Move the selected bookmark(s) down Alt + Down Arrow key
Move the selected bookmark(s) up Alt + Up Arrow key
Add a new attachment Insert
New bookmark after selected Insert
New bookmark before selected Alt + Insert
New child bookmark Ctrl + Alt + Insert
New last-child bookmark Ctrl + Insert
New destination Insert
Next document Ctrl + Tab
Next page Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Open Ctrl + O
Override document colors Ctrl + Shift + 6
Paste Ctrl + V
Preferences Ctrl + K
Previous document Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Previous misspelling Alt + F7
Previous page Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Print Ctrl + P
Properties pane Ctrl + `
Properties toolbar Ctrl + E
Redo Ctrl + Y
Rename the selected item F2
Reopen closed documents Ctrl + Shift + W
Rotate counterclockwise Ctrl + Shift + –
Rotate clockwise Ctrl + Shift + +
Rotate pages Ctrl + Shift + R
Run the script written in the console window Ctrl + Enter
Run selected script Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S
Search pane Ctrl + Alt + F
Select all text Ctrl + A
Show all comments Ctrl + 8
Show/hide gaps between pages Ctrl + Shift + G
Show grid Ctrl + ‘
Show/hide guides Click and drag from rulers to create guides Ctrl + ;
Show JavaScript Console Ctrl + J
Show/hide rulers Ctrl + R
Start spell checking F7
Strikethrough Ctrl + Shift + S
Show/hide thumbnails pane Ctrl + T
Show/Hide all toolbars and menus Ctrl + F8
Toggle all toolbars F8
Underline Ctrl + U
Undo Ctrl + Z
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Zoom to a custom level Ctrl + Shift + M



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