91 PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Most used PowerPoint Shortcuts

Action PowerPoint Shortcuts
New presentation Ctrl + N
New Slide Ctrl + M
Open existing presentation Ctrl + O
Save Presentation Ctrl + S
Copy Text and Image Ctrl + C
Paste Text and Image Ctrl + V
Cut text and Image Ctrl + X
Undo changes in the presentation Ctrl + Z
Redo operation Ctrl + Y
Copy formatting of selecting a shape Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste formatting only to another shape Alt + Shift + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Print Presentation Ctrl + P
Rename the file F2
Slideshow of presentation F5
Exit Alt + F4
Zoom Alt + W
Group items Ctrl + G
Ungroup items Ctrl + Shift + G

Edit Text Shortcuts

Action PowerPoint Shortcuts
Right Align selected Text Ctrl + R
Left Align selected Text Ctrl + L
Align center selected phrase Ctrl + E
Justify selected phrase Ctrl + J
Bold text Ctrl + B
Underline text Ctrl + U
Italic text Ctrl + I
Remove one character from one side Delete
Insert Hyperlink Ctrl + K
Find particular text Ctrl + F
Replace particular text Ctrl + H
Normal and Plain Text Ctrl + Shift + Z
Toggle cases Shift + F3
Spelling checker F7
Change font style Ctrl + Shift + F
Increase font style Ctrl + Shift + >
Decrease font style Ctrl + Shift + <
Superscript Alt + Ctrl + Shift + >
Subscript Alt + Ctrl + Shift + <
Create a copy of the selected text Ctrl + Drag
Delete word from left Ctrl + Backspace
Delete word from Right Ctrl + Delete
Duplicate Slide Ctrl + D
Change font size Alt + H, F, S
Open font dialog box Ctrl + T
Change cases Shift + F3
Insert Comment Ctrl + N
Replay to Comment Ctrl + R

Tab Selection Shortcuts

Action PowerPoint Shortcuts
Home Tab Alt + H
File Tab Alt + F
Insert Tab Alt + N
Transition Tab Alt + T
Animation Tab Alt + A
Slideshow Tab Alt + S
Review Tab Alt + R
Design Tab Alt + G
To search item Alt + Q
View Tab Alt + W

Navigation Shortcuts

Action PowerPoint Shortcut keys
Move operations Arrow keys
End of line End
Starting of line Home
A phrase or paragraph up Ctrl + Up Arrow key
A phrase or paragraph down Ctrl + Down Arrow key
End of text block Ctrl + End
Beginning of text block Ctrl + Home
To the next object Shift + Tab
To the previous object Tab
Next slide Page Down key
Previous slide Page Up key
Focus to a different pane F6
Collapse and expand the ribbon Ctrl + F1
Move anticlockwise among pane Shift + F6
Switch the thumbnail view pane Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Outlining Views Shortcuts

Action PowerPoint Shortcuts
Highlight and Promote the paragraph Alt + Shift + Left Arrow key
Highlight and Demote the paragraph Alt + Shift + Right Arrow key
Move up paragraph Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key
Move down paragraph Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key
Show all texts Alt + Shift + A
Collapse text under the heading Alt + Shift + –
Expand text Alt + Shift + +
Collapse titles Alt + Shift + 1
Move from title to text Ctrl + Enter
Select Word Double Click
Select Paragraph Triple Click

Presentation Windows Shortcuts

Action PowerPoint Shortcuts
Next window Ctrl + F6
Previous window Ctrl + Shift + F6
Maximize window Alt + F10
Unmaximize window Alt + F5
Restore the window to the previous size Ctrl + F5
Slideshow F5
Display context menu Shift + F10
Go to Slide number Slide Number + Enter


How do I view a list of all PowerPoint shortcuts?

In PowerPoint, you can view a list of all shortcuts by going to File > Options > Shortcut keys.

Can I create my own custom shortcuts in PowerPoint?

Yes, you can create your own custom shortcuts in PowerPoint by going to File > Options > Customize ribbon and then selecting the Keyboard shortcuts button at the bottom of the window. From there, you can choose a command from the Categories list and then assign a shortcut key to it.

Can I use the same shortcut keys in both Windows and Mac versions of PowerPoint?

Some shortcut keys are the same in both Windows and Mac versions of PowerPoint, such as Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste). However, some shortcuts are specific to either the Windows or Mac version, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the shortcuts for both platforms.

Is it possible to use shortcut keys while in Slide Show view?

Yes, you can use shortcut keys while in Slide Show view in PowerPoint. However, some shortcuts may not work while in slide show view, so it's a good idea to test out any shortcuts you plan to use beforehand.

Can I use shortcut keys to create or modify objects in my slides?

Yes, you can use shortcut keys to create and modify objects in your slides, such as adding a new slide or inserting a table. For example, you can use the Ctrl + M shortcut to insert a new slide or the Ctrl + T shortcut to insert a table.


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