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50 Figma Keyboard Shortcuts – Figma Shortcut keys PDF

download figma keyboard shortcuts pdf

With Figma Shortcuts you can design, prototype, review, and collaborate on your screen design right from the browser or application. The features that stand out in Figma are:

    • It runs online
    • It provides corporation
    • It segments libraries
    • It prototypes
    • It provides code output

Download Figma Shortcuts PDF

Saving time while designing triggers your creativity. The below list of Figma Shortcuts will increase your productivity, work faster, and allow you to work more efficiently and with less resistance. So stop wasting your time by using the mouse and going through the menus. You can simply just jump into the shortcut list. Download the Figma Shortcuts list in PDF form.

Most used Figma Shortcuts

Action Figma Shortcut keys
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste Over Selection Ctrl + Shift + V
Resize from Center Alt + Drag
Copy Properties Ctrl + Alt + C
Paste Properties Ctrl + Alt + V
Export Ctrl + Shift + E
Save to Version History Ctrl + Alt + S
Place Image Ctrl + Shift + K
Select Layer Menu Ctrl + Mouse Right Click
Deep Select Ctrl + Click
Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + /

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Tools Shortcuts

Action Figma Shortcut keys
Move V
Add or Show Comments C
Pen P
Rectangle R
Ellipse O
Line L
Frame F
Slice S
Pick Color I
Pencil Shift + P

Arrange Shortcuts

Action Figma Shortcut keys
Bring Forward Ctrl + ]
Send Backward Ctrl + [
Bring to Front Ctrl + Shift + ]
Send to Back Ctrl + Shift + [

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View Shortcuts

Action Figma Shortcut keys
Zoom In +
Zoom Out
Zoom to Fit Shift + 1
Zoom to 100% Shift + 0
Rulers Shift + R
Show Outlines Ctrl + Shift + 3
Pixel Preview Ctrl + Alt + Y

Text Shortcuts

Action Figma Shortcut keys
Text T
Paste and Match Style Ctrl + Shift + V
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U

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Components Shortcuts

Action Figma Keyboard Shortcuts
Create Component Ctrl + Alt + K
Detach Instance Ctrl + Alt + B

Object Shortcuts

Action Figma Shortcuts
Group Selection Ctrl + G
Ungroup Selection Ctrl + Shift + G
Show or Hide Selection Ctrl + Shift + H
Lock or Unlock Selection Ctrl + Shift + L
Flatten Selection Ctrl + E
Outline Stroke Ctrl + Shift + O

I made the switch to Figma and have no regrets so far. Other designers too are switching over to Figma as and when they become familiar with it. However, Adobe XD meets the needs of today’s UI designers. Take a quick look at Adobe XD Shortcuts.


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