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67 HeidiSQL Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn HeidiSQL Shortcuts for Windows

Most used HeidiSQL Shortcuts

Action HeidiSQL Shortcut keys
New window Ctrl + N
New query tab Ctrl + T
Close query tab Ctrl + F4
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste from clipboard Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Undo Alt +  Backspace
Print Ctrl + P
Refresh F5
Full status refresh. Get full statistics to refresh on table data F5
Select all items or text Ctrl + A
Invert selection Ctrl + I
Activate filter panel Ctrl + Alt + F
Cancel running operation Esc
Save as a text file Ctrl + S
Database tree Ctrl + D
Table filter Ctrl + E
Go to tab 1 Ctrl + 1
Go to tab 2 Ctrl + 2
Go to tab 3 Ctrl + 3
Go to tab 4 Ctrl + 4
Go to tab 5 Ctrl + 5
Copy selected rows in the custom format Ctrl + Shift + C

Tools Shortcuts

Action HeidiSQL Shortcuts
Search selected tables for text occurrences Ctrl + Shift + F
SQL help browser F1
Go back to the previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go to the next tab Ctrl + Tab

SQL Shortcuts

Action HeidiSQL Shortcut keys
Execute SQL query F9
Execute selected SQL Ctrl + F9
Run currently focused SQL query Ctrl + Shift + F9
Load SQL file Ctrl + O
Save SQL to a text file F12
Save selected text to a file Ctrl + Shift + S
Clear query editor Ctrl + W
Find text Ctrl + F
Replace text Ctrl + R
Find or replace again F3
Save SQL to the file Ctrl + S
Automatically reformat disordered SQL in active editor to make it more readable Ctrl + F8

Data Shortcuts

Action HeidiSQL Shortcut keys
Insert row Insert
Duplicate row Ctrl + Insert
Delete selected row(s) Ctrl + Delete
Post Ctrl + Enter
Cancel Editing Esc
Clear filter editor Ctrl + W
Apply filter F9
Reset sorting Alt + S
Show the next 1.000 rows Ctrl + Alt + Page Down key
Show all rows Ctrl + Alt + End
Set focused cell to NULL Ctrl + Shift + N
Insert SQL function call in this grid cell. E.g. NOW() Ctrl + F2
Previous result tab Alt + Left Arrow key
Next result tab Alt + Right Arrow key

SQL Editing Shortcuts

Action HeidiSQL Shortcuts
Insert line Ctrl + N
Delete word Ctrl + T
Delete line Ctrl + Y
Delete E O L Ctrl + Shift + Y
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Goto marker 0…9 Ctrl + 0
Set marker 0…0 Ctrl + Shift + 0
Normal select Ctrl + Shift + N
Column select Ctrl + Shift + C
Line select Ctrl + Shift + L
Match bracket Ctrl + Shift + B
Uppercase block Ctrl + U
Lowercase block Ctrl + L



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