67 Lacerte Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Clients, Detail, Forms, and Diagnostics Screens Shortcuts

Action Lacerte Shortcuts
Access Clients tab Alt + C
Access Detail tab Alt + D
Access Forms tab Alt + F
Access Diagnostics tab Alt + I
Move between tabs Alt + Left & Right Arrow key
Open Calendar Ctrl + H
Open Lacerte E-mail Ctrl + L
Open User Options Ctrl + O
Open Print Tax Return dialog Ctrl + P
E-file Wizard Ctrl + U
Open Appointment Manager Ctrl + F5
Open Help Window F1
Open Help Center F2
Open Client Status Window F4
Open REP dialog F5
Open Technical Support Window F10
Switch to the Individual Module Ctrl + Alt + I
Switch to Partnership Module Ctrl + Alt + P
Switch to the Corporate Module Ctrl + Alt + C
Switch to S Corporate Module Ctrl + Alt + S
Switch to Fiduciary Module Ctrl + Alt + F
Switch to Exempt Org. Module Ctrl + Alt + E
Switch to Estate Module Ctrl + Alt + T
Switch to the Gift Module Ctrl + Alt + G
Switch to Benefit Plan Module Ctrl + Alt + B

Letter Editor Shortcuts

Action Lacerte Shortcuts
Move the cursor to a character or line in the direction of the arrow Arrow keys
Move to the previous word Ctrl + Left Arrow key
Move to the next word Ctrl + Right Arrow key
Paste the text that has been cut or copied Shift + Insert
Move to the first character of the line Home
Move to the last character of the line End
Move up one page or to the top of a subsection Page Up key
Move down one page or to the bottom of a subsection Page Down key
Mark text in the direction of the arrow Shift + Left & Right Arrow key
Mark a column of text in direction of the arrow Shift + Up & Down Arrow key
Cut the selected text Shift + Delete
Delete the character to the left of the cursor Backspace
Delete the selected text or one character to the right cursor Delete
Print the current document Ctrl + P
Toggle insert/overstrike Insert
Undo the last change Ctrl + Z
Make selected text bold Ctrl + B
Make selected text italics Ctrl + I
Underline selected text Ctrl + U
Find text Ctrl + F
Find the next instance of text F3
Select all text in a section Ctrl + A
Check spelling F7

Interactive detail input Shortcuts

Action Lacerte Shortcut keys
Delete the selected text Delete
Move from the detail window to the Section list Esc
Save and exit the Detail screen Esc then Esc
Access the calculator if the cursor is in an amount field +
Scroll the screen a page at a time Page Up/Down key
Move among the lists and the Detail screen Ctrl + Tab
Move among input fields or selections Up Arrow key
Add a new property if the cursor is on the last property at a grid screen Down Arrow key
Add a new screen/property Ctrl + A
Copy a property Ctrl + C
Delete a property or all entries on the screen Ctrl + D
Open expanded detail for the current field Ctrl + E
Paste a property Ctrl + V
Cut a property Ctrl + X
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z
Select the previous or next tab along the bottom of the screen Ctrl + Left & Right Arrow key
Move to the next input section on the screen Ctrl + Page Up/Down key
Move to the same input field for a different property Ctrl + Up & Down Arrow key
Insert the last number displayed in the calculator into the current input field Shift + F6


What is Lacerte?

Lacerte is a professional tax preparation software developed by Intuit.

What types of taxes can I prepare using Lacerte?

Lacerte is designed for tax professionals to prepare individual, partnership, corporation, estate, and trust tax returns.

Can I import data from other tax preparation software into Lacerte?

Yes, Lacerte allows for easy data import from other tax software such as ProSeries and TurboTax.

Is Lacerte cloud-based?

Yes, Lacerte offers a cloud-based option called Lacerte Tax Online.

Can I e-file tax returns using Lacerte?

Yes, Lacerte offers e-filing options for federal and state tax returns.


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