What does Ctrl+U do?

Known interchangeably as Control+U, C-u, and ^u, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+U is primarily employed to underline text.

The following are additional applications that utilize this keyboard shortcut, along with relevant information.

How to use the Ctrl+U keyboard shortcut?

Using the Ctrl+U shortcut is easy – just hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and press the U key. On most standard keyboards, the Ctrl key is located at the bottom left.

Ctrl+U in an Internet Browser

If you’re using an internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, Ctrl+U will display the source code of the web page you’re looking at. This allows you to see the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that make up a website. It’s handy for web developers and designers who want to inspect a page.

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+U in MS Word

In Microsoft Word, Ctrl+U will underline the selected text. So if you have a word or sentence highlighted and want to quickly underline it, Ctrl+U is the shortcut for you.

MS Word Shortcut keys

Ctrl+U in Outlook

If you’re a fan of electronic correspondence, Ctrl+U in Microsoft Outlook is your ally. This combination allows you to mark an email as ‘unread’ with a single keystroke. It’s a handy trick for managing your inbox – easily keeping track of emails that require a second look or a follow-up.

Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+U in Putty

When using Putty, Ctrl+U will delete text from the current cursor position to the beginning of the line. This allows you to quickly erase a mistyped command.

Putty Keyboard Shortcuts

Popular programs using the Ctrl+U shortcut

What does this Shortcut do in different programs?

Krita – HSV Adjustment
FL Studio – Quick chop
Brave – Display non-editable HTML source code for the current page
Audacity – Mute all tracks
Opera – Clear All
Ubuntu – Underline the selected text
uTorrent – Add a new torrent from the URL
PDF-XChange Editor – Underline
Microsoft OneNote – Apply underline
Brackets – Undo Selection
Sublime Text – Soft undo
WPS Writer – Underline
Google Docs – Underline
Adobe After Effects – Set Quality to Best
Blender – Save User Settings
Adobe Premiere Pro – Underline
CorelDRAW – Underline the text
Adobe Illustrator – Show/Hide smart guides
Autodesk 3ds Max – Group Attach
ZBrush – Reload Script
Inkscape – Ungroup selected groups
Autodesk Mudbox – Show selected
Daz Studio – Lock docking/Undocking
Visual Studio Code – Undo the last cursor operation
Android Studio – Go to super-method/super-class
Adobe Dreamweaver – Preferences
RStudio – Yank line up to cursor
⇒ Komodo Edit – Make uppercase
Facebook – Go to other messages
Gmail – underline
FileZilla – Preserve timestamps of transferred files
PotPlayer – Open URL
GOM Player – Open URL
KMPlayer – Open URL
BeamNG – Toggle UI Console
Discord – Toggle Channel member list
Slack – Upload a file
Epic – Toggle underline
Figma – Underline
Ableton Live – Quantize
Lucidchart – Underline
Quip – Underline the selected text
Avidemux – Queue
WPS Spreadsheets – Apply or Remove Underlining
The Bat! – Underline
Tally ERP 9 – Select the Units

What to do when Ctrl+U doesn’t work?

If you hit the Ctrl+U shortcut and nothing happens, there could be a few possible reasons:

    • You don’t have any text selected in a word processor
    • The application you’re using doesn’t have a Ctrl+U function
    • Your keyboard mapping is different
    • A plugin or extension is interfering with the shortcut

In conclusion, Ctrl + U is a versatile command, a digital multitool that unlocks various functionalities across different applications. From deciphering webpage source codes to emphasizing text in documents, marking emails as unread, or simplifying command line interactions – it’s a small yet mighty combination that can streamline your digital experience. So, the next time you find yourself pondering the keyboard labyrinth, remember Ctrl+U – your passport to hidden realms and enhanced efficiency in the digital landscape. Happy keystroking!

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