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for Windows

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Invoking Tools Shortcuts

Action The Bat Shortcuts
Address Book F8
Message Finder F7
SmartBat F6
Scheduler Alt + F11
Quick Templates Ctrl + Shift + Q
Sorting Office/Filters Ctrl + Shift + S

Using the Account Shortcuts

Action The Bat Shortcuts
Get new mail F2
Send queued mail Shift + F2
Set access password Ctrl + F12
View Log Ctrl + Shift + A
Refresh folder list Ctrl + F9
Dispatch new messages Ctrl + F2
Dispatch all messages Ctrl + Shift + F2
Sorting Office/Filter settings Ctrl + Shift + S
Account properties Ctrl + Shift + P
Quick Templates Ctrl + Shift + Q

Working with Messages Shortcuts

Action The Bat Shortcut keys
Create new message Ctrl + N
Reply Ctrl + F5
Reply to all Ctrl + Shift + F5
Forward Shift + F5
Resend Shift + F6
Redirect Ctrl + F6
Save to file Alt + F5
Edit as new Alt + F6
Reply quoting selected text F4
Reply without quotation Shift + F4
Reply to the sender Ctrl + F4
Alternative Forward Alt + Shift + F5
View Source F9
Move to the next unread Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow key
Move to the previous unread Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow key
Move to the next viewed Alt + Right Arrow key
Move to the previously viewed Alt + Left Arrow key
Open message in new window Enter
Copy the message to a folder Ctrl + C
Move the message to a folder Ctrl + V
Delete message Delete
Mark as unread Ctrl + U
Mark as read Ctrl + M
Park Ctrl + J
Unpark Ctrl + Alt + J
Flag Ctrl + G
Print Message Ctrl + P
Select all messages Ctrl + A
Add sender to Address Book Ctrl + W
Add recipient to Address Book Ctrl + Shift + W
Delete sender from Address Book Ctrl + B
Delete recipient from Address Book Ctrl + Shift + B
Open reply Ctrl + Backspace
Create filter Ctrl + Shift + F
Verify signature Ctrl + Shift + C
Decipher Ctrl + Shift + D
Decipher and save Ctrl + Shift + G
Copy thread Ctrl + T
Move thread Ctrl + Shift + V
Delete thread Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Mark the thread as read Ctrl + Shift + M
Mark the thread as unread Ctrl + Shift + U

Working with the Folder Tree Shortcuts

Action The Bat Shortcut keys
Folder properties Alt + Enter
Mark all messages as read Ctrl + M
Move up Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Move down Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Move-in Ctrl + Shift + Right Arrow key
Move out Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow key
Refresh message list Ctrl + R
Refilter messages Ctrl + F
Delete message duplicates Ctrl + D
Browse deleted messages Ctrl + B
Purge and compact Ctrl + C
Create new folder Insert
Create a new common folder Alt + Insert
Delete folder Delete

Message Editor Shortcuts

Action The Bat Shortcuts
Send message Ctrl + Enter
Save the message as a draft Alt + F2
Save the message and continue editing Ctrl + S
Save message as Ctrl + F2
Put the message in the queue Shift + F2
Print Message Ctrl + P
Copy text to the clipboard Ctrl + C
Cut text to the clipboard Ctrl + X
Paste text from the clipboard Ctrl + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Paste as quote Alt + Insert
Paste with formatting Ctrl + Shift + Insert
Find text Ctrl + F
Find and replace Ctrl + F7
Continue search or replace F3
Reverse search Alt + F7
Upper case Ctrl + [
Lower case Ctrl + ]
Invert case Ctrl + \
Capitalise Ctrl + /
Calculate Ctrl + Shift + =
Search address (forward) Ctrl + =
Insert quick template Ctrl + Spacebar
AutoFormat Ctrl + Shift + F
AutoWrap Ctrl + Shift + W
Justify on autowrap Ctrl + Shift + J
Left alignment Alt + L
Center alignment Alt + C
Right alignment Alt + R
Justify Alt + J
Automatic spell checking Ctrl + F4
Check entire text F4
Bold Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
D  Insert current date Ctrl + Q
T  Insert current time Ctrl + Q
Convert the current word to uppercase Ctrl + [
Convert the current word to lowercase Ctrl + ]
Cancel Esc

Others the Bat Shortcuts

Action The Bat Shortcuts
Quit The Bat! Alt + X
Close active window Esc
Help F1
About Alt + F1


What is The Bat?

The Bat is a powerful email client developed by Ritlabs that allows users to manage their email accounts and messages on Windows operating systems.

What are some features of The Bat?

Some features of The Bat include support for multiple accounts, customizable message templates, advanced message filtering and sorting, built-in message encryption, and powerful search capabilities.

Does The Bat support encryption?

Yes, The Bat supports both PGP and S/MIME encryption to protect your sensitive email messages.

Can I use The Bat with my Gmail or Yahoo Mail account?

Yes, The Bat supports most popular email services, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and many others. Simply follow the instructions provided by your email service provider to configure your account in The Bat.

Is there a mobile version of The Bat?

No, there is currently no mobile version of The Bat. However, you can access your email accounts using any web browser or a mobile email app that supports the IMAP or POP3 protocols.


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