120 DAZ Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & Mac

Daz Studio Shortcuts allows you to create a variety of human models of different ages, body types, races, and so on. Now you might have recognized Daz Studio is a human body modeling software.

Download DAZ Studio Shortcuts PDF

A way to save time will also be helpful and convenient. And this article is all about how you make things work faster in Daz Studio. Given below is the list of Daz Studio Shortcuts to increase your comfort with the software. Download the Daz Studio Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Most used DAZ Studio Shortcuts

Action DAZ Studio Shortcuts Windows DAZ Studio Shortcuts Mac
New Ctrl + N Command + N
Open Ctrl + O Command + O
Save Ctrl + S Command + S
Save scene Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Merge Ctrl + Shift + O Command + Shift + O
Exit Ctrl + Q Command + Q
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y Command + Y
Delete Delete Delete
Restore Ctrl + E Command + E
Invert selection Ctrl + Shift + I Command + Shift + I
Select all Ctrl + A Command + A
Select all connected Ctrl + * Command + *
Grow selection Ctrl + + Command + +
Shrink selection Ctrl + – Command + –
Invert selection Ctrl + / Command + /
Select boundary Ctrl + | Command + |
Online help Ctrl + F1 Command + F1
What’s this Shift + F1 Shift + F1
Lesson record Shift + R Shift + R
DAZ Studio help F1 F1

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View Commands Shortcuts

Action DAZ 3D Shortcuts Windows DAZ 3D Shortcuts Mac
Aim at selected Ctrl + Shift + A Command + Shift + A
Perspective View Ctrl + P Command + P
Back view Ctrl + Up Arrow key Command + Up Arrow key
Front view Ctrl + Down Arrow key Command + Down Arrow key
Right view Ctrl + Left Arrow key Command + Left Arrow key
Left view Ctrl + Right Arrow key Command + Right Arrow key
Top view Alt + Up Arrow key Option + Up Arrow key
Bottom view Alt + Down Arrow key Option + Down Arrow key
Zoom in Shift + Z Shift + Z
Zoom out Shift + A Shift + A
Frame selection Ctrl + F Command + F
Reset Camera Ctrl + Alt + R Command + Option + R
Full view mode Shift + F11 Shift + F11

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Pose Commands Shortcuts

Action DAZ Windows Shortcuts DAZ Mac Shortcuts
Move to floor Ctrl + D Command + D
Zero pose Ctrl + Shift + F Command + Shift + F
Enable IK Ctrl + K Command + K
Symmetry Shift + Y Shift + Y
Bake to transform Shift + B Shift + B
Unlock selected node Shift + U Shift + U

Draw Style Commands Shortcuts

Action DAZ 3D Windows Shortcuts DAZ Mac Shortcuts
Wire Bounding Box Ctrl + 1 Command + 1
Solid Bounding Box Ctrl + 2 Command + 2
Wireframe Ctrl + 3 Command + 3
Lit wireframe Ctrl + 4 Command + 4
Hidden line Ctrl + 5 Command + 5
Wire shaded Ctrl + 6 Command + 6
Smooth shaded Ctrl + 7 Command + 7
Wire shaded Ctrl + 8 Command + 8
Textured shaded Ctrl + 9 Command + 9
NVIDIA Iray Ctrl + 0 Command + 0
Draw stop Ctrl + Q Command + Q

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Tool Commands Shortcuts

Action DAZ Studio Shortcuts Windows DAZ Studio Shortcuts Mac
Universal Alt + Shift + U Option + Shift + U
Translate Alt + Shift + T Option + Shift + T
Rotate Alt + Shift + R Option + Shift + R
Scale Alt + Shift + S Option + Shift + S
Active pose Alt + Shift + P Option + Shift + P
Node selection Alt + Shift + V Option + Shift + V
Geometry editor Alt + Shift + G Option + Shift + G
Joint editor Alt + Shift + J Option + Shift + J
Surface selection Alt + Shift + M Option + Shift + M
Region navigator Alt + Shift + N Option + Shift + N
Node weight map brush Alt + Shift + W Option + Shift + W
Scene Navigator Alt + Shift + F Option + Shift + F

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Weight Map Commands Shortcuts

Action DAZ Windows Shortcuts DAZ Mac Shortcuts
Directional Gradient Shift + G Shift + G
Edge selection Ctrl + ] Command + ]
Polygon selection Ctrl + [ Command + [
Vertex selection Shift + \ Shift + \
Geometry selection Shift + L Shift + L
Paintbrush Shift + P Shift + P
Smooth brush Shift + S Shift + S
Sphere gradient Shift + H Shift + H

Script Commands Shortcuts

Action DAZ Windows Shortcuts DAZ Mac Shortcuts
Close script Ctrl + W Command + W
Close all script Ctrl + Shift + W Command + Shift + W
Convert to lowercase Ctrl + Shift + L Command + Shift + L
Convert to uppercase Ctrl + Shift + U Command + Shift + U
Cut to clipboard Ctrl + X Command + X
Debugger Shift + F5 Shift + F5
Delete Ctrl + Delete Command + Delete
Find next Shift + F3 Shift + F3
Go to line Ctrl + G Command + G
Interrupt script Ctrl + F5 Command + F5
Preferences Ctrl + F2 Command + F2
Run script F5 F5
Replace and find next Ctrl + H Command + H
Run to cursor Ctrl + F10 Command + F10
Save script F8 F8

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Navigation Commands Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Turn On Keyboard Navigation Shift + K Shift + K
Move up Q Q
Move down E E
Move forward W W
Move back S S
Move left A A
Move right D D
Increase Move speed ] ]
Decrease Move speed [ [
Reset Move speed Alt + [ Option + [
Look up (Pitch) I I
Look down (Pitch) K K
Look left (yaw) J J
Look right (Yaw) L L
Bank left (Roll) U U
Bank right (Roll) O O
Increase rotation speed } }
Decrease rotation speed { {
Reset rotation speed Alt + ] Option + ]
Level pitch or roll P P
Snap level Alt + P Option + P

Render Shortcuts

Action DAZ Studio Shortcuts Windows DAZ Studio Shortcuts Mac
Render Ctrl + R Command + R
Render settings Ctrl + Shift + R Command + Shift + R
Spot render Alt + Shift + C Option + Shift + C

Others Shortcuts

Action DAZ Studio Shortcuts Windows DAZ Studio Shortcuts Mac
Lock or Unlock Docking Ctrl + U Command + U
Preferences F2 F2
Customize F3 F3
Save layout As F4 F4
Preview Lights Ctrl + L Command + L
Refresh Images Ctrl + I Command + I

Daz Studio is not like any other 3D modeling software. Usually in any 3D software objects are created from scratch whereas Daz Studio allows ready-to-use models and figures. Looking for an alternative? For me, there will always be one software for 3D modeling and that is Blender. Check out a list of Blender Shortcuts.


What is DAZ Studio?

DAZ Studio is a 3D modeling and animation software that allows users to create and customize 3D characters, environments, and other assets. It is a powerful tool for artists, designers, and other professionals who need to create 3D content for use in movies, video games, and other media.

How do I install DAZ Studio?

To install DAZ Studio, you can download the installer from the DAZ Studio website and follow the instructions to install the software on your computer. You will need to accept the terms and conditions and choose the installation options you want before the installation begins.

Can DAZ Studio open OBJ files?

Yes, DAZ Studio can open OBJ files. To open an OBJ file in DAZ Studio, click on the File menu and select Import. Select the OBJ file you want to open and click Open. DAZ Studio will import the OBJ file as a 3D object that you can edit and modify.


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