60 Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

To make the most of the new Microsoft Edge browser, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with its shortcuts. Microsoft Edge is the modern-day browsing software, offering enhanced security, multi-device sync, automatic coupon search, and much more.

Download Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Below, you’ll find a list of Microsoft Edge Shortcuts to simplify your browsing experience. Download the Microsoft Edge Shortcuts for Windows users in PDF form. Incorporating these shortcuts into your routine will save you time, especially if browsing the internet is a significant part of your job. The more you use these shortcuts, the more efficient you’ll become.

Window or Tab Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Edge Shortcuts
Open a new window Ctrl + N
Open a new In Private Browsing window Ctrl + Shift + P
Open a new tab Ctrl + T
Duplicate tab – switching to the newly created tab Ctrl + K
Duplicate tab – remaining on the current tab Ctrl + Shift + K
Open the link in a new tab Ctrl + Click
Open the link in a new tab and switch to the tab Ctrl + Shift + Click
Open the link in a new window Alt + Shift + Click
Moves the current tab to the new window Ctrl + Shift + N
Close current tab Ctrl + W
Open a previously closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Quit application Alt + F4
Open more pane Alt + X
Open the developer tools pane F12

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Navigation Shortcuts

Action Microsoft Edge Shortcuts
Open home page Alt + Home
Go back Alt + Left Arrow key
Go forward Alt + Right Arrow key
Scroll page up Page Up key
Scroll page down Page Down key
Scroll to the top of the page Ctrl + Home
Scroll to the bottom of the page Ctrl + End
Switch to the next tab Ctrl + Tab
Switch to the previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to a specific tab number Ctrl + 1, 2…8
Switch to the last tab Ctrl + 9
Open favorites pane Ctrl + I
Open the reading list pane Ctrl + M
Open history pane Ctrl + H
Open downloads pane Ctrl + J
Toggle caret browsing F7

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Search Edge Shortcuts

Action Edge Shortcuts
Select the address bar Ctrl + L
Open a webpage or URL Ctrl + Shift + L
Open a search query in the address bar Ctrl + E
Find on page Ctrl + F

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Bookmark Shortcuts

Action Edge Keyboard Shortcuts
Add current site to favorites or reading list Ctrl + D
Toggle favorites bar Ctrl + Shift + B

View Shortcuts

Action Edge Keyboard Shortcuts
Stop loading the page Esc
Refresh the page Ctrl + R
Toggle reading view Ctrl + Shift + R
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + –
Reset zoom level Ctrl + 0
Print the current page Ctrl + P

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Developer Tools Shortcuts

Action Edge keyboard Shortcuts
Select an element on the DOM Explorer tab Ctrl + B
Colour picker on DOM Explorer tab Ctrl + K
Debug just my code on the Debugger tab Ctrl + J
Export as HAR on the Network tab Ctrl + S
Import profiling session on Performance, Memory tabs Ctrl + O
Export profiling session on Performance, Memory tabs Ctrl + S
Clear errors, warnings, and information on the Performance tab Ctrl + L
Continue on the Debugger tab F5
Step into on Debugger tab F11
Step over to the Debugger tab F12
Step out on the Debugger tab Shift + F11
Continue and refresh on the Debugger tab Ctrl + Shift + F5
DOM element highlighting on the DOM Explorer tab Ctrl + Shift + I
Break on a new worker on the Debugger tab Ctrl + Shift + W
Change exception behavior on the Debugger tab Ctrl + Shift + E
Take a heap snapshot On the Memory tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Reset Emulation settings On the Emulation tab Ctrl + Shift + L

It’s a delightful experience to navigate through the software using only the keyboard, without the need to touch the mouse. Microsoft Edge is still not as popular as Google Chrome and Firefox.



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