40 Slack shortcuts for Windows & Mac

Slack Shortcuts are a secret superpower that can unlock immense productivity in Slack. With the help of Slack, Communication at work just got easier and improved productivity. Hence learning to use Slack has become of utmost importance.

List of Slack Shortcuts

Below is the list of some practical, whimsical, and lifesaving Slack shortcuts that you need to know if you are using the communication tool on a daily basis. Download the Slack Shortcuts for Windows and Mac users in PDF form.

Call Actions Shortcuts

Action Slack Shortcut keys Windows Slack Shortcut keys Mac
Mute On or Off M M
Video On or Off V V
Show Invite List A A
View Channel sharing Options S S
View and Select Emoji Reactions E + 1…9 E + 1…9

Message Shortcuts

Action Slack Shortcut keys Windows Slack Shortcut keys Mac
Reprint your last slash command in a channel Tab Tab
Select Text to Beginning of Current Line Shift + Up Arrow key Shift + Up Arrow key
Select Text to End of Current Line Shift + Down Arrow key Shift + Down Arrow key
Add Emoji Reactions to A Message Ctrl + Shift + \ Command + Shift + \
Create a new line in your message Shift + Enter Shift + Return
Edit Your Last Message Up Arrow key Up Arrow key

Navigation Slack Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Zoom in Ctrl + + Command + +
Zoom out Ctrl + – Command + –
Scroll Up Home Home
Scroll Down End End
Quick Switcher Ctrl + K Command + K
Preferences Ctrl + , Command + ,
Previous Channel Visited Alt + Left Arrow key Option + Left Arrow key
Next Channel Visited Alt + Right Arrow key Option + Right Arrow key
Previous Unread Channel Alt + Shift + Up Arrow key Option + Shift + Up Arrow key
Next Unread Channel Alt + Shift + Down Arrow key Option + Shift + Down Arrow key
Previous Channel Alt + Up Arrow key Option + Up Arrow key
Next Channel Alt + Down Arrow key Option + Down Arrow key
Open or Close Right Pane Ctrl + . Command + .
Direct Message Menu Ctrl + Shift + K Command + Shift + K
Open All Threads view Ctrl + Shift + T Command + Shift + T
Toggle Full-Screen View Ctrl + Shift + F Command + Shift + F
Search the current Channel Ctrl + F Command + F
Starred Item Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Directory Ctrl + Shift + E Command + Shift + E
Activity Ctrl + Shift + M Command + Shift + M
Open list of Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + / Command + /

Switch Teams Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Switch to Next Team Ctrl + Shift + ] Command + Shift + ]
Switch to the Previous Team Ctrl + Shift + [ Command + Shift + [
Switch to A Specific team Ctrl + 1…9 Command + 1…9

Mark Message shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Mark All Messages in Current Channel Esc Esc
Mark All Messages As Read Shift + Esc Shift + Esc
Set Msg to Oldest Unread Message Alt + Click Msg Option + Click Msg

Files and Snippets Shortcuts

Action Windows Shortcuts Mac Shortcuts
Upload a File Ctrl + U Command + U
Create a new snippet Ctrl + Shift + Enter Command + Shift + Return

Download Slack Shortcuts PDF for Windows & Mac

Download Slack Shortcuts PDF

The above list of shortcuts helps to perform an action without even needing to take hands off the keyboard. However, Emails have been replaced by Slack in most companies. Learning Slack shortcuts have become as essential in the workplace as Gmail shortcuts have.



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