90 Ableton Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Ableton Shortcuts for Windows and Mac users can save a ridiculous amount of time. The question that arises is how shortcuts can save time. Well, using the same Ableton Shortcuts repeatedly while producing a track will save time.

Download Ableton Live Shortcuts PDF

Below is the list of Ableton Shortcuts that could save 64 hours per year. Have a look at the list and see which shortcuts stand out as the most useful ones. Now imagine how you can utilize these 64 hours. Download the Ableton Shortcuts PDF.

Most used Ableton Shortcuts

Action Ableton Shortcuts Windows Ableton Shortcuts Mac
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Duplicate Ctrl + D Command + D
Undo Ctrl + Z Command + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y Command + Y
Rename Ctrl + R Command + R
New Live set Ctrl + N Command + N
Open Live set Ctrl + O Command + O
Save Live set Ctrl + S Command + S
Save Live set as Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Quit Live Ctrl + Q Command + Q
Export Audio or Video Ctrl + Shift + R Command + Shift + R
Hide Live Ctrl + H Command + H
Export MIDI file Ctrl + Shift + E Command + Shift + E
Select all Ctrl + A Command + A
Delete Delete Delete

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Hide & Show Result Shortcuts

Action Ableton Shortcuts Windows Ableton Shortcuts Mac
Full-Screen Mode F11 F11
Toggle Second Window Ctrl + Shift + W Command + Shift + W
Toggle Session or Arrangement view Tab Tab
Toggle Device or Clip View Shift + Tab Shift + Tab
Hide or Show Detail View Ctrl + Alt + L Command + Option + L
Toggle Hot-Swap Mode Q Q
Toggle Drum Rack or last-selected Pad D D
Hide or Show Info View Shift + ? Shift + ?
Hide or Show Browser Ctrl + Alt + B Command + Option + B
Hide or Show Overview Ctrl + Alt + O Command + Option + O
Hide or Show In & Out Ctrl + Alt + I Command + Option + I
Hide or Show Sends Ctrl + Alt + S Command + Option + S
Hide or Show Mixer Ctrl + Alt + M Command + Option + M
Open the Preferences Ctrl + , Command + ,
Close Window Esc Esc

Browsing Shortcuts

Action Ableton Shortcuts Windows Ableton Shortcuts Mac
Scroll Down Up Arrow key Up Arrow key
Scroll Up Down Arrow key Down Arrow key
Close Folders Right Arrow key Right Arrow key
Open Folders Left Arrow key Left Arrow key
Load Selected Item from the browser Enter Return
Preview Selected File Shift + Enter Shift + Return
Search in Browser Ctrl + F Command + F
Jump to Search Results Down Arrow key Down Arrow key

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Adjusting Values Shortcuts

Action Ableton Shortcuts Windows Ableton Shortcuts Mac
Decrement Up Arrow key Up Arrow key
Increment Down Arrow key Down Arrow key
Finer Resolution for Dragging Ctrl Command
Return to Default Delete Delete
Type in Value 0…9 0…9
Confirm Value Entry Enter Return
Abort Value Entry Esc Esc

Session view Shortcuts

Action Ableton Shortcuts Windows Ableton Shortcuts Mac
Launch Selected Clip or Slot Enter Return
Select Neighboring Clip or Slot Arrow keys Arrow keys
Select all Clips or Slots Ctrl + A Command + A
Add or Remove Stop Button Ctrl + E Command + E
Insert MIDI clip Ctrl + Shift + M Command + Shift + M
Insert Scene Ctrl + I Command + I
Insert Captured Scene Ctrl + Shift + I Command + Shift + I

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Arrangement View Shortcuts

Action Ableton key Commands Ableton key Commands
Split Clip at Selection Ctrl + E Command + E
Consolidate Selection into the clip Ctrl + J Command + J
Create Fade or Crossfade Ctrl + Alt + F Command + Option + F
Loop Selection Ctrl + L Command + L
Insert Silence Ctrl + I Command + I
Pan Left or Right of Selection Ctrl + Alt Command + Option
Scroll Display to Follow the Playback Ctrl + Shift + F Command + Shift + F

Tracks Shortcuts

Action Ableton Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Ableton Keyboard Shortcuts Mac
Insert Audio Track Ctrl + T Command + T
Insert MIDI Track Ctrl + Shift + T Command + Shift + T
Insert Return Track Ctrl + Alt + T Command + Option + T
Rename Selected Track Ctrl + R Command + R
Group Selected Tracks Ctrl + G Command + G
Ungroup Tracks Ctrl + Shift + G Command + Shift + G
Show Grouped Tracks + +
Hide Grouped Tracks
Add Device from Browser Enter Return

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Grid Snapping Shortcuts

Action Ableton key Commands Ableton key Commands
Toggle Draw Mode B B
Narrow Grid Ctrl + 1 Command + 1
Widen Grid Ctrl + 2 Command + 2
Triplet Grid Ctrl + 3 Command + 3
Snap to Grid Ctrl + 4 Command + 4
Fixed or Zoom-Adaptive Grid Ctrl + 5 Command + 5
Bypass Snapping While Dragging Alt Option

Global Quantization Shortcuts

Action Ableton Live Shortcut Keys Ableton Live Shortcut keys
Sixteenth-Note Quantization Ctrl + 6 Command + 6
Eighth-Note Quantization Ctrl + 7 Command + 7
Quarter-Note Quantization Ctrl + 8 Command + 8
1-Bar Quantization Ctrl + 9 Command + 9
Quantization Off Ctrl + 0 Command + 0

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Clip View MIDI Editor Shortcuts

Action Ableton Shortcut keys Windows Ableton Shortcut keys Mac
Quantize Ctrl + U Command + U
Quantize Settings Ctrl + Shift + U Command + Shift + U
Scroll Editor Vertically Page Up key Page Up key
Scroll Editor Horizontally Ctrl + Page Up key Command + Page Up key
Move Insert Marker to Begin Home Home
Move Insert Marker to End End End
Scroll Display to Follow the Playback Ctrl + Shift + F Command + Shift + F

Transport Shortcuts

Action Ableton Live Shortcuts Ableton Live Shortcuts
Play from Start Marker or Stop Spacebar Spacebar
Continue Play from Stop Point Shift + Spacebar Shift + Spacebar
Play Arrangement View Selection Spacebar Spacebar
Back to Arrangement F10 F10
Record F9 F9
Activate or Deactivate Track 1…8 F1…F8 F1…F8

The above list of Ableton Shortcuts not only saves time but makes the production process more enjoyable. All these things will add up in the long run. An alternative to Ableton will be GarageBand. Look for GarageBand Shortcuts that have been listed.



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