20 qBittorrent Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows & MacOS

The qBittorrent shortcuts run on various platforms and have shortcuts assigned for almost all the major features. For those who are not aware of what qBittorrent is, they should know that it is a free and open-source cross-platform for P2P clients. It basically looks after downloading and uploading the files.

Download qBittorrent Shortcuts PDF

The qBittorrent shortcuts article will serve as an information guide and give you a clear understanding of the various silent shortcuts that are available in qBittorrent. Hence, given below is the list of qBittorrent shortcuts. A downloadable qBittorrent shortcut Keys list in the form of a PDF is also available.

Most used qBittorrent Shortcuts

Action qBittorrent Shortcut keys Windows qBittorrent Shortcut keys Mac
Add Torrent File Ctrl + O Command + O
Add Torrent Link Ctrl + Shift + O Command + Shift + O
Exit qBittorrent Ctrl + Q Command + Q
Resume Ctrl + S Command + S
Pause Ctrl + P Command + P
Resume All Ctrl + Shift + S Command + Shift + S
Pause All Ctrl + Shift + P Command + Shift + P
Top Priority Ctrl + Shift + + Command + Shift + +
Increase Priority Ctrl + + Command + +
Decrease Priority Ctrl + – Command + –
Minimum Priority Ctrl + Shift + – Command + Shift + –
Lock qBittorrent Ctrl + L Command + L
Options Alt + O Option + O
Torrent Creator Ctrl + N Command + N
File Menu Alt + F Option + F
Edit Menu Alt + E Option + E
View Menu Alt + V Option + V
Tools Menu Alt + T Option + T
Help Menu Alt + H Option + H
Documentation Help F1 F1

The main aim of qBittorrent is to provide an alternative to uTorrent, which is the leading Torrent Client in the file-sharing category. However, the best alternative is Transmission. You can check out the Transmission Shortcuts and uTorrent Shortcuts list listed here.


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