40 Smite Keyboard Shortcuts

Smite is known as an online battleground featuring gods, drawing inspiration from the renowned Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) game. Understanding Smite Shortcuts can significantly enhance team tactics when facing off against other players and minions.

Download Smite Shortcuts PDF

Below, you’ll find the list of Smite Shortcuts, along with a downloadable PDF version.

Movement Controls Shortcuts

Action Smite Shortcuts Windows Smite Shortcuts Mac
Move Forward W W
Move Backward S S
Strafe Left A A
Strafe Right D D
Turn Left Left Arrow key Left Arrow key
Turn Right Right Arrow key Right Arrow key
Zoom In Mouse Scroll Up Mouse Scroll Up
Zoom Out Mouse Scroll Down Mouse Scroll Down
Toggle AutoRun NumLock NumLock
Jump Spacebar Spacebar

Attack and Ability Shortcuts

Action Smite Shortcut keys Windows Smite Shortcut keys Mac
Cancel Fire RMB RMB
Ability 1 1 1
Ability 2 2 2
Ability 3 3 3
Ability 4 4 4
Train Ability 1 F1 F1
Train Ability 2 F2 F2
Train Ability 3 F3 F3
Train Ability 4 F4 F4

Other Controls Shortcuts

Action Smite Shortcut keys Windows Smite Shortcut keys Mac
Relic 1 F F
Relic 2 G G
Recall B B
Consumable 1 C C
Consumable 2 Z Z
Free Mouse Alt Option
Toggle Map Overlay M M
Scoreboard Tab Tab
Skill Screen K K
Item Store I I
Top Player Stats T T
Death Recap Y Y
Suppress Help H H
Vote to Surrender F6 F6
Vote to Not Surrender F7 F7
Pause F10 F10
Toggle Combat Log Page Up key Page Up key

Smite is available for Microsoft Windows users, Xbox One users, PlayStation 4 users, Nintendo Switch users, and Amazon Luna users. Another popular MOBA game in the same genre as Smite is Dota 2. Additionally, Overwatch, also a MOBA game, shares similarities with Smite. You may also want to explore the Overwatch 2016 Shortcuts list.



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