100 Google Chrome Shortcuts for Windows

download google chrome shortcut keys pdf

Google Chrome Shortcuts can save users a lot of time. Learning a few essential shortcuts can go a long way to saving a few seconds, and these seconds will gradually add up to a few hours per week. Also, these Google Chrome shortcuts offer a much faster and more efficient way to browse the Web.

List of Google Chrome Shortcuts

Below is the list of Chrome Shortcuts that will boost your productivity while browsing the Internet and maximizing the experience. Download the Google Chrome Shortcuts in PDF form.

Download Google Chrome Shortcut keys PDF

Manage Tabs

Action Google Chrome Shortcuts
Open a new Tab Ctrl + T
Reopen the last Tab Closed Ctrl + Shift + T
Close the Tab Ctrl + W
Close the Tab Ctrl + F4
Switch to the first tab, second, etc. Ctrl + 1,2 etc.
Switch to the last tab Ctrl + 9
Switch to the next tab Ctrl + Page Up key
Switch to the previous tab Ctrl + Page Down key
Open a New Window Ctrl + N
Open a New Incognito window Ctrl + Shift + N
Closed the current window Alt + F4
Open the link in a new background tab Ctrl + Mouse left click
Open the link in a new foreground tab Ctrl + Shift + Mouse left click
Open the link in a new window Shift + Mouse left click
Download the link Alt + Mouse left click

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View Webpages

Action Chrome Shortcuts keys
Alternate focus between address bar & Bookmark bar F6
Scroll Down Down Arrow key
Scroll Up Up Arrow key
Scroll One Page Down Page Down key
Scroll One Page Up Page Up key
Go to the Beginning of the webpage Home
Go to the End of the webpage End
Zoom IN Ctrl + +
Zoom OUT Ctrl + –
Return Zoom to normal text size Ctrl + 0
View Webpages Sources Ctrl + U
Turn fullscreen on or off F11

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Address Bar

Action Chrome Shortcut keys
Set focus to the address bar Ctrl + L
Set focus to the toolbar Shift + Alt + T
Enter a search query in the address bar Ctrl + E

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Browse between Webpages

Action Chrome Shortcut keys
Jump to Homepage Alt + Home
Jump to the previously visited webpage Alt + Left Arrow key
Jump to the next visited webpage Alt + Right Arrow key
Reload the current webpage F5
Reload the current webpage Ctrl + R
Reload the Current webpage with Cache Override Ctrl + F5
Stop Webpage loading Esc

Access Browser features

Action Google Chrome Shortcuts
Print Current webpage Ctrl + P
Open file Ctrl + O
Save current webpage Ctrl + S
Open Wrench Menu Alt + F
Open History Menu Ctrl + H
Open Download Tab Ctrl + J
View Google Task Manager Shift + Esc
Help F1
Open the Clear Browsing Data options Ctrl + Shift + Delete

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Browse Within Webpages Shortcuts

Action Chrome Shortcut keys
Jump to the next link Tab
Jump to the previous link Shift + Tab
Open the link in a current tab Enter on Link
Open the link in a new background tab Ctrl + Enter
Open the link in a new foreground tab Shift + Ctrl + Enter
Open the link in a new window Shift + Enter
Download link Alt + Enter
Open Context Menu Shift + F10
Select all content on the webpage Ctrl + A
Copy selected content to the clipboard Ctrl + C

Search Shortcuts

Action Chrome Shortcuts
Find text on the webpage Ctrl + F
Find Next Match Enter
Find the Previous Match Shift + Enter
Close Search Box Esc

Bookmark Shortcuts

Action Chrome Shortcuts
Show or hide Bookmark bar Ctrl + Shift + B
Open Bookmark Manager Ctrl + Shift + O
Add bookmark for the current webpage Ctrl + D
Saves all open pages as bookmarks Ctrl + Shift + D

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Chrome Sources Panel Shortcuts

Action Chrome Shortcuts
Pause script execution F8
Resume script execution F8
Step over next function call F10
Step into the next function call F11
Step out of the current function Shift + F11
Select Next call frame Ctrl + .
Select Previous call frame Ctrl + ,
Delete individual words Alt + Delete
Comment a line or selected text Ctrl + /
Save changes to local modifications Ctrl + S
Save all changes Ctrl + Alt + S
Go to line Ctrl + G
Search by Filename Ctrl + O
Go to member Ctrl + Shift + O
Close active tab Alt + W
Run snippet Ctrl + Enter

Other Chrome Shortcut keys

Action Chrome Shortcuts
Go to the matching bracket Ctrl + M
Toggle comment Ctrl + /
Select the next occurrence Ctrl + D
Undo last selection Ctrl + U
Start or stop recording Ctrl + E
Save timeline data Ctrl + S
Open or Load timeline data Ctrl + O
Start or stop recording Ctrl + E
Accept Suggestion Right Arrow key
Previous Command line Up Arrow key
Next Command line Down Arrow key
Focus the Console Ctrl + ‘
Clear Console Ctrl + L
Multi-line entry Shift + Enter

You do not need to commit to remembering all the Chrome shortcuts at once. Get comfortable by using a few and then gradually add more as time goes by. Another alternative to Web Browsing is Internet Explorer. Have a look at Internet Explorer shortcuts. After learning all the above Chrome shortcuts, you would be called a Chrome STAR.


What are all the Chrome shortcuts?

Here are some commonly used Chrome shortcuts: Open a new tab: Ctrl + T, Close the current tab: Ctrl + W, Restore a closed tab: Ctrl + Shift + T, Open a new window: Ctrl + N, Close the current window: Ctrl + Shift + W, Go to the next tab: Ctrl + Tab, Go to the previous tab: Ctrl + Shift + Tab

What is Ctrl L in Chrome?

In Chrome, pressing Ctrl + L is a shortcut for focusing the browser's address bar, also known as the omnibox. This means that you can quickly type a new URL or search query without having to use your mouse to click on the address bar

What does F12 do in Chrome?

Pressing F12 in Chrome (or any modern web browser) opens the Developer Tools, which is a powerful set of tools that web developers can use to inspect and debug web pages.


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