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40 Amazon kindle Keyboard Shortcuts

Just as you keep an Amazon Kindle in your pocket, there’s a handful of Kindle shortcuts that streamline the Kindle experience. Amazon Kindle allows users to download new books directly onto the device. The Kindle shortcuts are easy to remember, as the list is only a few.

Download Amazon Kindle Shortcuts PDF

Below is a list of Kindle shortcuts to help you maximize your Kindle experience. With these shortcuts, you can take screenshots, share content, send documents, read articles, convert documents, and more on your Kindle. You can also download the Kindle Shortcut keys in PDF form.

Most used Amazon Kindle Shortcuts

Action Amazon Kindle Shortcuts
Go to Home Ctrl + ALt + L
Quit Application Ctrl + Q
Help F1
Synchronize F5
Move Focus to Next Enabled Control Tab key

Reading Book Shortcuts

Action Amazon Kindle Shortcuts
Next Page Page Down key
Next Page Down Arrow key
Previous Page Page Up key
Previous Page Up Arrow key
Back Backspace
Zoom Font Ctrl + +
Zoom Out Font Ctrl + –
Bookmark Ctrl + D
Open or Close Notes and Marks Ctrl + B
Close books Ctrl + W
Search Ctrl + F
Toggle Full-Screen Mode F11
Exit Fullscreen Mode Esc
Open Flashcard Side Panel Ctrl + Shift + F
Flip Flashcard Ctrl + Spacebar
Export to Flashcards from Notebook Ctrl + Shift + N
Export Notes from Notebook Ctrl + ALt + E

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Library Shortcuts

Action Amazon Kindle Shortcut keys
Move the focus to the book above the current selection Up Arrow key
Move the focus of the book to the right of the current selection Right Arrow key
Move the focus of the book to the left of the current selection Left Arrow key
Move the focus of the book below the current selection Down Arrow key
Scroll the list of books up one page Page Up key
Scroll the list of books down one page Page Down key
Open the selected book to last (go to the last page read) Ctrl + Enter + O
Sort by Most Recent Ctrl + Alt + R
Sort by Title Ctrl + Alt + T
Sort by Author Ctrl + Alt + U

Text-to-Speech Shortcuts

Action Amazon Kindle Shortcut keys
Toggle Text to Speech Ctrl + T
Pause or Resume Reading Spacebar
Read the Previous Sentence Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Skip Forward One Sentence Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Increase Speech Rate Shift + +
Decrease Speech Rate Shift + –
Toggle Continuous Reading Ctrl + Shift + C

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