33 Oracle EBS Forms Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Download Oracle EBS Forms Shortcuts PDF

Learn Oracle EBS Forms Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Oracle EBS Forms Shortcuts

Action EBS Forms Shortcuts
Up Up Arrow key
Down Down Arrow key
Print Ctrl + P
Help Ctrl + H
Block menu Ctrl + B
Show shortcut keys Ctrl + K
Execute query Ctrl + F11
Edit Ctrl + E
Update record Ctrl + U
Commit Ctrl + S
List of values Ctrl + L
Insert record Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Delete record Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Previous record Up Arrow key
Next record Down Arrow key
Scroll down Page Down key
Scroll up Page Up key
Next field Tab
Previous field Shift + Tab
Duplicate field Shift + F5
Duplicate record Shift + F6
Next primary Shift + F7
Next set of records Shift + F8
Previous block Shift + Page Up key
Display error Shift + Ctrl + E
List tab pages F2
Exit F4
Clear field F5
Clear record F6
Clear block F7
Clear form F8
Enter query F11
Count query F12


What is Oracle EBS Forms?

Oracle EBS Forms is a technology used to build user interfaces for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) applications. It allows developers to create interactive forms and reports that run in a web browser and interact with an Oracle EBS database.

Can I customize Oracle EBS Forms?

Yes, you can customize Oracle EBS Forms to meet the specific needs of your organization. This can include modifying the layout and appearance of the form, adding or removing fields, and adding custom logic to the form.

Can I use Oracle EBS Forms with other Oracle EBS products?

Yes, Oracle EBS Forms can be used with other Oracle EBS products, such as Oracle EBS Financials, Oracle EBS Supply Chain Management, and Oracle EBS Human Capital Management.


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