105 JetBrains CLion Shortcuts for Windows

List of JetBrains CLion Shortcuts

Learn JetBrains CLion Shortcuts for Windows

Editing Shortcuts

Action JetBrains CLion Shortcuts
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste from recent buffers Ctrl + Shift + V
Duplicate current line Ctrl + D
Delete line at caret Ctrl + Y
Generate code Alt + Insert
Override methods Ctrl + O
Implement methods Ctrl + I
Comment or uncomment with line comment Ctrl + /
Comment or uncomment with block comment Ctrl + Shift + /
Select successively increasing code blocks Ctrl + W
Decrease current selection to previous state Ctrl + Shift + W
Show Intension actions and QuickFixes Alt + Q
Reformat code Ctrl + Alt + L
Optimize imports Ctrl + Alt + O
Auto-indent line Ctrl + Alt + I
Indent selected lines Tab
Unindent selected lines Shift + Tab
Basic code completion Ctrl + Spacebar
Smart code completion Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Complete statement Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Parameter info Ctrl + P
Quick documentation lookup Ctrl + Q
Show descriptions of error Ctrl + F1
Smart line join Ctrl + Shift + J
Smart line split Ctrl + Enter
Start new line Shift + Enter
Toggle case for word at caret Ctrl + Shift + U
Select till code block end Ctrl + Shift + ]
Select till code block start Ctrl + Shift + [
Delete to word end Ctrl + Delete
Delete to word start Ctrl + Backspace
Expand code block Ctrl + +
Collapse code block Ctrl + –
Expand all Ctrl + Alt + +
Collapse all Ctrl + Alt + –
Close active editor tab Ctrl + F4
Add Next Occurance of Current Word to Selection Alt + G
Delete Next Occurance of Current Word to Selection Alt + Shift + G

Navigation Shortcuts

Action JetBrains CLion Shortcut keys
Go to Class Ctrl + N
Go to File Ctrl + Shift + N
Go to Symbol Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
Go to the next editor tab Alt + Right Arrow key
Go to the previous editor tab Alt + Left Arrow key
Go back to the previous tool window F12
Go to editor Esc
Hide active or last active window Shift + Esc
Close active run Ctrl + Shift + F4
Go to line Ctrl + G
Recent files popup Ctrl + E
Navigate backwards Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow key
Navigate forward Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow key
Navigate to the last edit location Ctrl + Shift + Backspace
Select current file Alt + F1
Go to declaration Ctrl + B
Go to implementation Ctrl + Alt + B
Go to related Symbol Ctrl + Alt + Home
Open quick definition lookup Ctrl + Shift + I
Go to the type declaration Ctrl + Shift + B
Go to super-method Ctrl + U
Go to the previous method Alt + Up Arrow key
Go to the next method Alt + Down Arrow key
Move to code block end Ctrl + ]
Move to code block start Ctrl + [
File structure popup Ctrl + F12
Type hierarchy Ctrl + H
Call hierarchy Ctrl + Alt + H
Next highlighted error F2
Previously highlighted error Shift + F2
Toggle bookmark F11
Toggle bookmark with mnemonic Ctrl + F11
Show bookmarks Shift + F11

Refactoring Shortcuts

Action JetBrains CLion Shortcut keys
Refactor This Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T
Copy F5
Move F6
Safe Delete Alt + Delete
Rename Shift + F6
Change Signature Ctrl + F6
Extract Function Ctrl + Alt + M
Inline Ctrl + Alt + N
Introduce parameter Ctrl + Alt + P
Introduce Variable Ctrl + Alt + V
Introduce Constant Ctrl + Alt + C
Introduce Define Ctrl + Alt + D

Debugging Shortcuts

Action JetBrains CLion Shortcut keys
Step over F8
Step into F7
Step out Shift + F8
Run to cursor Alt + F9
Evaluate expression Alt + F8
Resume program F9
Toggle breakpoint Ctrl + F8
View breakpoints Ctrl + Shift + F8

Find & Replace Shortcuts

Action JetBrains CLion Shortcut keys
Find Ctrl + F
Find next F3
Find previous Shift + F3
Replace Ctrl + R
Find in path Ctrl + Shift + F
Replace in path Ctrl + Shift + R

Compile & Run Shortcuts

Action JetBrains CLion Shortcut keys
Build Project Ctrl + F9
Select configuration and run Alt + Shift + F10
Select configuration and debug Alt + Shift + F9
Run Shift + F10
Debug Shift + F9

Download JetBrains CLion Shortcuts PDF for Windows

Download JetBrains CLion Shortcuts PDF


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