50 Brave Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

Who does not like shortcuts? No matter whether it is studies or work, shortcuts always lessen the burden and save us time, effort, and even money! This post is where we will be talking about all the Brave Browser Shortcuts that are available and more accessible. Try to incorporate as many as possible.

Download Brave Browser Shortcuts PDF

In order to use Brave Browser effectively, efficiently, and faster. One needs to have a good knowledge regarding the Brave Browser Shortcuts. Given below is the list of almost all the Brave Browser Shortcuts that are available and it is expected that you might know them in order to master the browser. Download the Brave Browser Shortcuts list in the form of a PDF.

Windows & Tab Shortcuts

Action Brave Browser Shortcuts
New Tab Ctrl + T
New Private Tab Ctrl + Shift + P
New Session Tab Ctrl + Shift + S
New Window Ctrl + N
Quit Brave Ctrl + Q
Close Tab Ctrl + W
Close Window Ctrl + Shift + W
Close Frame Ctrl + F4
Minimize Ctrl + M
Reopen the Last Closed Tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Reopen the Last Closed Window Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T
Toggle Full-Screen View F11
Go to 1st … 9th Tab Ctrl + 1…9
Next Tab Ctrl + Tab
Previous Tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab

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Bookmarks & Settings Shortcuts

Action Brave Browser Shortcuts
Add or Edit Bookmark Ctrl + D
Bookmarks Manager Ctrl + Shift + D
Downloads Manager Ctrl + J
View Browsing History Ctrl + Y
Clear Browsing Data Ctrl + Shift + Delete
Open File Ctrl + O
Save Page As Ctrl + S
Print Ctrl + P
View Source Ctrl + Alt + U
Developer Tools Ctrl + Shift + I

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Display & Page Navigation Shortcuts

Action Brave Browser Shortcuts
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Shift + Z
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste Without Formatting Ctrl + Shift + V
Focus URL Bar F6
Go Home Ctrl + Shift + H
Find on Page Ctrl + F
Active tab Find Next Ctrl + G
Active tab Find Previous Ctrl + Shift + G
Zoom in Ctrl + Shift + +
Zoom out Ctrl + Shift + –
Zoom to the default size Ctrl + 0
Stop loading Esc
Reload Page Ctrl + R
Clean Reload Ctrl + Shift + R
Reload F5
Clean Reload Ctrl + F5
Active Frame Back Alt + Left Arrow key
Active Frame Forward Alt + Right Arrow key
Go Back Ctrl + [
Go Forward Ctrl + ]

If you are well-informed about the Chrome browser, then you might have noticed something. The Shortcuts list is very much similar to the Chrome Browsers list. Isn’t it amazing? Hence, the effort of memorizing these shortcuts is reduced. If you doubt, have a look at the Chrome Browser Shortcuts.


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