What does Ctrl+= do?

The Ctrl+= (Ctrl + Equal) keyboard shortcut is used for different purposes across various programs and platforms. At its core, it is used to increase the size of text or objects.

Let’s take a look at how this handy shortcut works.

How to use the Ctrl+= keyboard shortcut?

Using Ctrl+= is easy. You simply hold down the Ctrl key (Control key) then press the equal sign key (=). On most keyboards, the equal sign shares a key with the plus sign (+).

Note: People sometimes refer to this shortcut as Ctrl++ (Ctrl and plus), even though you don’t have to press Shift to get the plus symbol.

Ctrl+= in Internet browsers

In Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers, Ctrl+= is used to zoom in on webpages to make the text and images appear larger. This helps if you are having trouble reading content on a site.

Ctrl+= in Microsoft Word

To subscript text in Word, first, highlight the text you want subscripted, then press Ctrl+= to activate the subscript keyboard shortcut. The selected text will then become formatted as a subscript automatically. This shortcut saves you time applying this formatting style to text.

MS Word Shortcut keys

Ctrl+= in Microsoft PowerPoint

When Ctrl+= is pressed with text selected in a PowerPoint slide, that text will automatically shrink down in size and sink closer to the baseline, converting it into a subscript style right within the surrounding normal text.

PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+= in an Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editors use Ctrl+= in Premiere Pro to zoom in on the timeline for precise editing. Pressing it multiple times continues to increase the zoom level.

Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts

Popular programs using the Ctrl+= shortcut

What does this Shortcut do in different programs?

Visual Studio Code – Zoom in
Adobe Illustrator – Zoom in
Mozilla Thunderbird – Zoom in
Deepin Linux – Zoom in
Brackets – Increase Font Size
WPS Writer – Subscript
Adobe Acrobat – Zoom in
WordPad – Make Selected text Subscript
CorelDRAW – Zoom in
Blender – Zoom View
Daz Studio – Select loop
Canva – Zoom in
Krita – Zoom in
Spyder – Zoom in
Sublime Text – Increase font size
Adobe Dreamweaver – Zoom in
Qt Creator – Fit to screen
Microsoft Team – Zoom in
Davinci Resolve – Zoom in
Avid Media Composer – Open Settings for the current tool
Adobe InDesign – Zoom in
Microsoft Publisher – Apply or remove subscript formatting
The Bat! – Search Address
Excel for Web – Insert Cells
Wondershare Filmora – Zoom in
ArchiCAD – Transform the selected elements into independent 2D drawing elements

What to do when Ctrl+= doesn’t work?

If the Ctrl+= shortcut does not function on your computer, first check to see if another program like a utility or accessibility tool may be intercepting the key command. If not, look at your keyboard settings to ensure the equal sign shares the key with the plus sign. On some keyboard layouts, these may be on separate keys. If it still doesn’t work, consult your program’s support documentation for help.

Getting a stalled keyboard shortcut functioning again takes some patience usually. But I hope those tips get your Ctrl+= working properly again. Let me know if it fails in a certain program.

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