33 Powtoon Keyboard Shortcuts

for Windows

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Learn Powtoon Shortcuts for Windows

Most used Powtoon Shortcuts

Action Powtoon Shortcuts
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Paste in place Ctrl + Shift + V
Select all Ctrl + A
Add a link to the selected object/text Ctrl + K
Move object/text to the center of the stage Ctrl + M
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Bold/Unbold Ctrl + B
Underline/Undo Underline Ctrl + U
Italic/Undo Italic Ctrl + I
Bring selected object/text to the front Ctrl + Shift + Up Arrow key
Bring selected object/text forward Ctrl + Up Arrow key
Send selected object/text backward Ctrl + Down Arrow key
Send selected object/text to the back Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow key
Lock Ctrl + Shift + L
Move 1 step Arrow keys
Move 10 steps Shift + Arrow keys
Rotate by 45ᵒ increments Shift
Remove selected object/text Delete
Play/Pause slide Shift + Spacebar

Player Page Shortcuts

Action Powtoon Shortcuts
Play/pause Spacebar
Jump backward by 5 seconds (movie mode) Left Arrow key
Jump forward by 5 seconds (movie mode) Right Arrow key
Jump to the previous slide (slideshow mode) Left Arrow key
Jump to the next slide (slideshow mode) Right Arrow key
Increase volume by 5ᵒ increments Up Arrow key
Decrease volume by 5ᵒ increments Down Arrow key
Go to beginning of the slideshow Home
Toggle fullscreen F
Mute/Unmute M
Exit fullscreen Esc



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